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Can DOUBLE SHEAR occur in ANY direction?

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    i recently came across a problem which has raised a question in my mind...

    heres the link to it


    the Rbh force tries to shear it horizontally while the Rbv tries to shear it vertically.so here in the solution the resultant of these forces is taken.so does it mean that in reality(physcially) the pin will shear IN THE DIRECTION of this resultant force?not tangentially as in the case of horizontal or vertical?

    thank you.
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    What on earth do you mean by shear tangentially?

    Since the arms have weight the pin may well shear horizontally in reality.

    However as noted both Rbh and Rbv act across the same areas and so, therefore does their resultant.
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    sir..are bearing and shearing stresses part of internal forces/loads?
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    Think of a material element in the pin and using the reaction load son the pin to find the principle stress.
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    yes but i want to know the physical intrepretation of these two stress..why are they important.when do we need to calculate them..
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