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B Can energy change physical laws?

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    Could huge amounts of energy change the universe's nature (fundamental physical constants, laws, dimension)? Could it change it so much that it would enable our universe to be a multiverse of level 1, 2, 3 or 4?

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    why would it ?

    since multiple universes are only hypothetical and there is no evidence for them, your Q cannot be answered
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    I don't subscribe to all those "multiverse" theories. The only one that makes some sense to me is the level 3 many-worlds interpretation of QM, but what good is it to have other "mathematically possible" universes that we have no way to observe or otherwise prove the existence of?
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    Mister T

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    No. Energy has dimensions. For example, the SI unit is the joule, which is of course an arbitrary amount chosen by people, not by Nature. So to have a large amount of it means that you have a large amount compared to an arbitrary amount, so the notion of a large amount of a dimensionful (as opposed to dimensionless) quantity is entirely arbitrary.

    When you look at issues like this you need to look at dimensionless quantities, like the fine structure constant. If it had a different value our universe would be an entirely different place. It may not even be possible for it to exist.
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    Multiverse theory is speculative. Discussion of a particular peer-reviewed paper that explores it might be ok, but discussion based on Wikipedia is not.

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