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Can I persue PhD in nuclear physics after studying applied physics

  1. Jul 15, 2015 #1
    I am currently studying in msc applied physics ..now from here I want to make my career as j.r.f or r.a. in institute like d.r.d.o , prl ahmedabad. If I clear the exam like ugc net jrf then does it mean that I am equally eligible for certain post as compared to pure physics students in real life and job career wise what difference does it makes?
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    There seems to be some location specific jargon in the question that I don't understand.

    In the US, grad schools consider various factors and the strength of an applicant's entire record when granting admission to PhD programs.

    All other factors being equal, a degree in applied physics may not make a candidate as attractive as a degree in "pure" physics, but that could be overcome by factors including: higher GPA, specific coursework, higher PGRE score, more highly respected school, and strong background in research.
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    I don't think the difference between physics and applied physics is very significant.
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