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Can I pursue MS electrical, electronics & computer engineering?

  1. Jul 16, 2015 #1
    i am currently studyin fo r my barchelor's degree in meteorology and climate science .....but i really want to pursue electrical engineering for my grad schools...is that possible?...............if not what wld be my best option for any ms study with the degree am currently pursuing ..considering job availability and salary
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    Meteorology to electrical engineering is not an obvious move. You probably have the calculus. But there is a lot in an engineering degree beyond that. And a graduate level degree in the subjects you mention probably has a lot of requirements that your degree has not prepared you for.

    Still... When I was in my PhD in particle physics, one of the other PhD candidates had done his undergrad in linguistics. And one of my profs had no undergrad degree at all, went straight into grad work.

    Google up some potential schools. Find their admissions requirements. Find their web sites and some contact names. Explore whether they think it is possible. Try to contact at least a couple profs and see if they think it is possible. Check out their course catalog and requirements for the degree you want.

    Most schools will not accept you unless they think you have at least a reasonable chance of finishing the degree. Their reputation depends, partly, on their grads going out into the world and performing well. So talk to them and see what they think.

    Maybe there are a few things you can catch up on by taking some remedial classes. Possibly you would have to take a class or two in things like programming or digital design or some such.
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    thanks very much man!
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    but i alreADY hav a course in programming with fortan and c++ in my undergrad...also i did offer some electronics courses
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