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Can interior pressure of a tornado be calculated?

  1. Jun 5, 2013 #1
    Can the interior pressure of a tornado be calculated from the centrifugal speed of the tornado and its radius (centripetal force)? For example, given a tornado with a 1/2 mile radius and a centrifugal speed of 200 mph, how much would the interior air pressure be?
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    A simplistic calculation would assume that the air mass is rotating as a unit with a fixed angular velocity and a fixed density. [That's wrong, but it's a start].

    You could then get the pressure gradient based on the density of air and the centrifugal acceleration at a given distance from the axis. Add up the pressure gradient along a path working from the outside to the center and you have an answer.

    Why don't you begin by calculating the centrifugal acceleration at the rim?
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