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The physics of tornadoes and interior pressure

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    A couple years ago on Nat Geo they were showing something about how tornadoes don't actually spin on the inside but they have air that goes up and down because of pressure.
    The show was saying on the outside they spin but the closer in you go because of the air pressure it sucks and throws objects all around.
    Can some one give me a hand in telling me what is gong on with the pressure inside the tornado
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    Re: tornadoes

    This is my personal (strongly held) beliefs of why Tornado's occur. I live in the Tornado belt. Tornado is capitalized because it is a NOUN not a VERB! Like Humans can shoot pray and kill. Tornaodo's can happen and kill humans.

    Why do they occur? Do we need Dorathy? That was a joke. Tornado's are so, so simple. We seem to spend so much time looking into the details of them instead of looking at the overall picture. Please read my observations and judge for yourself.

    Cooking oil experiment.

    Have you ever heated cooking oil up to high heat above 1/2” an inch deep in any pan? Have you ever watched it? Please do not discount this experiment yet because the physics of hot & cold apply in an atmosphere Ga-Zillions of times larger than the pan. As the oil heats, horizontal lines appear. These lines are appearing because the heat from underneath is forcing hot oil to the top. How does the oil rise and mix with cold? Well, the vortex is the only way. And horizontal vortexes work until they cross each other. As the horizontal vortexes cross each other they MUST become vertical. Think about it, if you were flying through the air horizontally and your friend was too; and you both met, where would the energy go? Depending on spin direction, it would go somewhere. Now I must explain the 2nd point of my theory.

    What does cold do on top of hot? If you dump a freezer full of cold air on a box full of hot air, what happenes? Well, the cold and hot wants to mix. The hot is lighter and wants to mix as it rises into the cold and vise versa. Our Earth is hot, our space void is cold/(a void) and our sun heats our earth. Well, that's another blog. Anyway, cold on hot has to mix, wether it is the atmosphere or pan of oil. Regardles of how you see it, you must, MUST accept it or you will be blown away.

    Well cold & hot air are not the only awnser. There is the added complicaton of wet & dry. What happens whe wet and dry air mix? What about dry hot underneath wet cold? Or vise versa 4 ways. (1)hot dry over wet cold (2)hot wet over dry cold (3)hot dry over dry cold (4)hot wet over wet cold. My point is this. Take a large moist air mass from the Guld of Mexico (Mehico), lay it on the ground and push it north through Kansas. Now, take a cold, jet stream driven, air mass from the north and truck it down to Kansas. Well, When they both meet, you will stand in Kansas asking for the exact point they will meet. And as the horizontal cooking oil vortexes walk across the pan and meet at vertacies, you will say, will that point be my home???


    Something that lends its formation to ultra cold air is hail. Tornados are renowned for hail formation prior to vortex relief. Listen please. The cold air high in the atmosphere is freezing the rising moist air into hail. Therefore, the tornado is truly a vortex gone vertical and we have all witnessed horizontal rolling clouds. Tornado's are not COMPLEX creatures. The are just the formation of WARM MOIST and COLD DRY!!! The are dominant where these conditions exist! I hope you try my experiment and like my information.
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