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Can lasers emit anticoherent photons? 180°

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    --shows a photon in stop action ...

    But some of those photon samples are 180° out of phase ...

    Would that be a technical equipment problem, or do lasers sometimes emit anticoherent photons?

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    A laser that's turned off could well be described as producing equal quantities of anticoherent photons, yes?

    - Warren
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    No, it could not: We're talking about successive photons: The stop-action photon is a composite image; You're tangenting about simultaneous photons in self-cancellation non production; We are talking about six million individual extant photons of expectedly coherent phase produced successively, a few of which appear to be anticoherent: whence the thread topic.

    This would have serious impact on the claims of physics for purity of laser light, coherence, stimulated emission, -theory, when anybody cares,- ... Nobody has ever thought to seek this result but it turned up on a routine, new experiment ... It would have to be factored-out of quantum encryption ....

    Were you able to visit that website and turn up your brightness so you can see the question?- It was working then and is working now ... and UC Berkeley is buying his equipment to try for themselves, "at around half a million dollars a pop."

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    Well I thought that the text is a bit biased...
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