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Can someone please explain what plate-out is/means?

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    When someone says "plate-out" what exactly do they mean? Here is my incomplete understanding, so please correct me:

    -"Plate-out" refers to the deposition of daughter products of a radioisotope onto the surface of another material. For example, one might say "I am measuring the plate-out rate of radon-222 progeny onto copper."

    Is that right? If so, if someone said "I am measuring the radon plate-out rate onto copper," do they really mean to say the aforementioned sentence? (probably)

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    Of course plating can be done with materials other than radioisotopes.

    I think you would need to interpret the phrase in context. If it is what you suppose, then the plate-out would be the thickness of the plating. So the plate-out rate would be in units of µM/hour, µM/minute, or such.
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