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Can Someone "Rank" Math Course Progression?

  1. Nov 6, 2014 #1
    What I mean is can you list the progression of math classes or subjects that people can take in school based on how they are usually learned or what is more difficult, etc.?

    Like right now I'm taking high school Calculus and we had to do Pre-Calculus last year and Geometry and Algebra before that.

    But let's say you get to college...then what is the ranking or progression of math classes and subjects people take? Thanks!
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    precalculus/discrete mathematics
    linear algebra/differential equations
    Real analysis
    and then from here it starts to break up as you can go in multiple directions:topology, number theory,statistics and probability, complex analysis, partial differential equations
    and then in grad school you still do these topics just at a harder level with differential geometry thrown into the mix
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    Check out a few college/university web sites. They often list suggested or recommended course sequences for math majors.
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    Thanks. I don't remember antyhing called discrete math in my Pre-Calculus class last year though.
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    I recommend you take a look at MIT OCW, but generally it is like:

    Single variable Calculus -> Multivariable Calculus -> Differential Equations (ODEs)
    -> Real Analysis -> Complex Analysis
    -> Abstract Algebra

    After that you have a variety of options and the courses you take depend more on your interest.
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    I took Real Analysis,Complex Analysis and Abstract Algebra in the same semester and before differential equation.
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