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Can TI-84 calculator send text messages or email?

  1. May 15, 2015 #1
    Well the texas instruments ti-84 calculator is my favorite toy. I use it for anything I can from getting a girl to put her phone number in my calculator to programming.

    Is there a way to somehow add an external circuit that can make the ti-84 send text messages. I bet there would have to be a sexy external antenna and some pretty advance electronics but has it ever been done?

    Another possibility is using the ti-84 to send emails. Is there some sort of external circuit that would be able to send emails by using the ti-84 as the interface?
    Appreciate replies
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    There are plenty of chat programs for the TI-83/84

    I highly doubt you could realistically get it to message other devices or send email.

    Why don't you just buy an old android phone instead of re-purposing a calculator to do things it wasn't meant to?
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    Was not a very thoughtful question. I am sorry for dishonoring you.
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