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Can two photon emerage into one?

  1. May 5, 2010 #1
    Hi all.
    I am wondering can two photon emerage into one?

    if think photon in terms of:

    particle: photon doesnt mind sit in one place with others, once two photons did, what reason they can be seperated again?

    wave: 2 photon with different frequencies are like two waving ropes, put them toghter will form a superposition of a new wave, seperate them again should be ok due to the source of driving the two ropes are seperated. But this way of thinking is contridict with thinking in terms of particles, i.e particle has no source.

    How can it work?

    Many thanks in advance
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    Photons do interact in certain circumstances. There is a phenomenon called photon-photon scattering so it's not certain that an exact alignment of both would be successful.

    That sounds like a nice experimental test. If you subscribe to an inclusive wave-particle duality theory where light is comprised of both particle and wave at the same time then the particle would seem to be imbued with an undescribed force holding the energy of the particle localized. In that case two photon particles would likely bounce rather than merge similar to Compton Scattering I would guess.
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