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Homework Help: Can we consider equations as functions?

  1. Jul 21, 2009 #1
    A function is defined as a set of ordered-pairs where ....

    But can we consider equations as functions?

    Some says 'yes'.

    Some says 'no', because according to them, equations are not actually functions. They are just used to define/represent functions.

    example: y=4x+1/f(x)=4x+1.
    Can we consider this as a function? Or, it is just an equation that defines/represents a function?

    Thank you!!!
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    Re: functions

    It really depends on the context. For most non set-theoretic purposes, saying the function f(x)=4x+1 is perfectly fine. Especially since the definition of a function as a set of ordered pairs is only developed for the use of studying functions in a set theoretic setting
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    Re: functions

    The people who respond "no" are being kind of ridiculous. I care very little for semantics when it contributes really nothing at all. Yes, of course f(x) = 4x + 1 is a function, or else why would we have gone through the trouble of creating the modern definition at all.
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