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Homework Help: Can you add flux contributions?

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    I've got a question regarding flux.

    Can you add flux contributions like you can add magnetic fields together?

    To illustrate my point, consider a single coil wrapped around a material that conducts flux. A 10 coil is wrapped around the same material. [like a transformer]

    When I turn the first single coil on, it produces a magnetic field. So it could cause a change in flux in the 2nd coil (say BA)...

    Does the flux of each coil of the second coil change by BA? or by BA/10? I'm a bit confused by this :(

    Logic would tell me that it's BA/10 so the total change in flux is BA... or can't you add flux like that? Because, if you actually do that then it defies the logic how transformers work ....

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    Re: Flux

    If the total change in flux in the second coil is BA, then the change in flux through each turn would be BA/10.
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    Re: Flux

    Then how does a transformer work? Because I think my Physics teacher said that the change in flux for each coil is the same, hence that's why the voltage can be stepped up...
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    Re: Flux


    Also, if the first coil produces a magnetic field of B, then the flux through each coil of the second coil would be BA, wouldn't it?
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    Re: Flux

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    Re: Flux

    But that's contrary to what you said before :S
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