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Capacitor Identification

  1. May 30, 2016 #1
    The numbers seem to read
    What does it mean? Someone told me
    "225 = 22 x 10^5 pF = 2.2 μF"
    with 330 V being the potential rating
    "PC" = polymer cap
    Is this correct?

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    yes 2.2uF

    it's an electrolytic

    I think you will find its 33 D

    33V and the D will be a tolerance

    I can absolutely, utterly, beyond all shadow of a doubt, guarantee it isn't 330 V

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    I think maybe this is a Panasonic aluminum capacitor, the first number is lot ID. I think it might be 330 uF similar to these
    http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Panasonic/2R5SVPE330MY [Broken]
    Data sheet
    Unfortunately I think I already ordered the wrong parts. The data sheet at least tells us what each row means but doesn't tell us how to interpret "R. Capacitance"

    My attempts to actually measure the capacitance have failed (my meter showed 41 nF I believe).
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    Yup, good call, looks like I was mistaken :smile:
    that top row is the lot #

    well that's easy .... it's a general electrolytic type, the capacitance is in uF .... you wont find that style in pF or nF

    so 330uF

    I just don't see how to relate the bottom line "4" to the voltage rating tho ??

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