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Car at 60 degree inclination without slipping

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    I hav doubt wheather a mechanical automobile model can move down from a path having inclination 62 without slipping (height =2meter,car dimensions=10*10*10cm3).
    pls give comment wheather it is possible or not
    if yes:-
    2)which material could hav coeffiecient of friction =1.588 over plywood which hav coefficient of friction=0.15-0.20.
    3)which wheel be best suited?
    4)what should be range of weight.:uhh:
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    Is this a homework question? It sounds like one in disguise! Why do you have doubt; have you done any calculations? Please post your thoughts.
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    i read this problem statement as model designing problem,but it seems impossible because:-
    1)inclination is too high and for such high inclination coefficient of friction required is tan60 (nearly1.588),whereas plywood has coefficient of friction 0.15 to 0.20.
    2)normal toy cars are slipping or getting collision at lower surface(floor below plywood) at such inclination ,I've done experiment with 8 different types of models.(size was even less than mentioned).
    I need comment over 1)the possibility of such model
    2)if yes which types of tyres will be suited best.

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    The calculations I've done are about the energy change ,but as role of mass get obviated in equation ,It is not possible to get the value of mass of model .
    but it doesn't seems independent of mass as results of experiment showed(8models).
    post comment

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    What are the constraints on doing this?
    Some modifications to the problem might allw you to do it.
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    Like NoTime requested, What can and What cannot you change?
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    There is a video of an Audie Quattro climbing a 60 degree ski jump in germany. It is on ice. It was not assisted. Try you tube or google video to see it. It is wild.
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