What is Slipping: Definition and 220 Discussions

Slipping is a technique used in boxing that is similar to bobbing. It is considered one of the four basic defensive strategies, along with blocking, holding, and clinching. It is performed by moving the head to either side so that the opponent's punches "slip" by the boxer.

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  1. A

    For a translating block with slipping find the maximum force F

    For this translating block problem, below is the solution. I was wondering why if I took the moment about the center of gravity G, the answer for F would no longer be the same because ##I_G \alpha = -\mu_k N (h/2) + N (b/2) - F*d = 0## because ##\alpha = 0## $$F = \frac{-\mu_k mg (h/2) +...
  2. A

    I If frictional force in system is <= us*N then there is no slipping

    If frictional force in system (say a block being pushed on a horizontal surface) is less than or equal to us*N then there is no slipping. Why is it that if the frictional force (Ff) in the system is greater than us*N then there is slipping (I am finding it hard to wrap my head around this)? us...
  3. uSee2

    Kinetic Energy of a Cylinder Rolling Without Slipping

    Given that there is a cylinder rolling without slipping down an incline, the method I was taught to represent the KE of the cylinder was: ##KE_{total} = KE_{translational} + KE_{rotational}## ##KE_{total} = \frac {1} {2} mv_{cm}^2 + \frac1 2 I \omega^2## Where "cm" is the center of mass, and...
  4. brochesspro

    The final velocity of a ball rolling while slipping.

    Here is the problem statement along with the figure. Here, I take the right-ward and anti-clockwise directions to be positive. After the ball collides with the wall, its angular velocity remains the same and its velocity changes direction while remaining the same in magnitude. Using the...
  5. C

    Placing rock under ladder to stop it from slipping

    For part(a) and (b), The solution is, Can someone please explain the solutions to (a) and (b) to me? I don't understand where they got 5.77 cm from. Many thanks!
  6. uSee2

    Coin Slipping on a Spinning Wheel

    The coin slipped in Trial 2 at a lower speed because the tangetial acceleration was higher than it was in Trial 1. The coin slips whenever a force overcome static friction. There is a force of static friction acting tangetially to the circle upon the coin causing it to accelerate. If the...
  7. theshape89

    Describing Rolling Constraint for Rolling Disk With No Slipping

    Let ##R=\sqrt{x^{2} + y^{2}}##. Then \begin{align}v_{tangential}&=\frac{dR}{dt} \nonumber\\ &=\frac{dR}{dx}\frac{dy}{dt} + \frac{dR}{dy}\frac{dy}{dt} \nonumber\\ &=\frac{x}{R}\frac{dx}{dt} + \frac{y}{R}\frac{dy}{dt} \nonumber\\ &= cos\phi \frac{dx}{dt} + sin\phi \frac{dy}{dt}.\nonumber...
  8. Harikesh_33

    Question regarding Rolling with and without Slipping and Sliding

    1)When a wheel is stuck in mud it rolls with slipping ,this means that at the point of contact it has a net velocity As we can see from the image Kinetic Friction acts in the direction opposite to the resultant velocity ,this effectively reduces the tangential velocity at the surface and tries...
  9. pixel

    I Friction in rolling without slipping

    Consider an object, say a ball, rolling at a constant speed without slipping to the right on a horizontal surface. Let's consider the ideal case, so no deformation of ball or surface. For rolling without slipping to occur, there has to be friction (static friction as the point on the ball that...
  10. A

    B Rolling without slipping in non-sloping surface

    Suppose we leave an object on a non-sloping surface that rolls and moves forward without slipping. Does this object continue to move indefinitely?
  11. L

    A sphere rolling without slipping down a hemisphere

    a) From impulse-momentum theorem I have: ##J=mv## so ##v=\frac{J}{m}## and since the ball doesn't slip ##v=\Omega b## so ##\Omega=\frac{J}{mb}## and ##\dot{\theta}=\frac{v}{a+b}=\frac{\Omega b}{a+b}##. b) I considered the angular impulse: ##-J(a+b)=I_0 \Omega_0 \Rightarrow...
  12. A

    I Confused about the axis of rotation in rotational motion w/o slipping

    I'm now learning about rotational motion without slipping and it's really hurting my brain to think about. Imagine a cylinder rotating on a flat plane. I can accept that there is both translational and rotational motion. For example, a given point on the circumference of the cylinder follows a...
  13. Y

    Mass slipping on a moving inclined plane

    Body A rests on a inclined plane of body B . the angle of slope is α , the coefficient of friction between the two bodies is μ . Body A does not slip on body B because we accelerate body B with a. What is the minimum and maximum acceleration required for body A not to slip? What will be the...
  14. Huzaifa

    Rolling without slipping down an inclined plane

    The acceleration and velocity of a body rolling down without slipping on a frictionless inclined plane are given by $$ a=\dfrac{mg\sin \theta }{m+\dfrac{I}{r^{2}}}=\dfrac{g\sin \theta }{1+\dfrac{K^{2}}{r^{2}}} \cdots(1) $$ $$...
  15. Pipsqueakalchemist

    Engineering Rigid wheel rolling without slipping -- Trying to find angular acceleration

    So I tried the problem and it’s different from the solution. I’m confused on why my attempt didn’t work, is it because the wheel is undergoing general planar motion? I tried to just apply Newton’s 2nd law to find the acceleration of the centre and then use that to find angular acceleration. The...
  16. I

    Minimum length x for no slipping

    I'm letting the weight of the hanger be W. Since there is no slipping, the total frictional force will be = total weight. When the load of 50W is placed at X, there'll be a normal force at the left end of the pole on top to the left, and another normal force at the right end of the pole at the...
  17. enthusiast

    Mechanics: A bowling ball is thrown and rolls with slipping

    Summary:: A bowling ball is thrown on a bowling lane with the coefficient of friction ##\mu## with an initial velocity of ##v_0## and no rotation. After hitting the ground, it starts rolling with slipping. After how much time after hitting the lane will the ball stop slipping? What will be its...
  18. L

    Rolling with slipping and combined momentums

    Summary:: combining angular and linear momentum when an impulse is aplied 2/3 of the radius from the center. A Jo-jo is lying on the ground on its edge. The central part (axel) has a radius of 2r and it’s side a radius of 3r. The string is protruding from the bottom of the axel (central part)...
  19. J

    MHB Man on ladder wishes to avoid the ladder slipping

    A 6 m ladder weighs 350N and is placed with its lower end on a horizontal floor and its upper end against the wall. The angle between the wall and the ladder is 30°. A man weighing 900N is to climb to the very top of the ladder. The coefficient of friction between the floor and the ladder to...
  20. LCSphysicist

    Cylinder rolling without slipping on a truck

    I don't know how to start it Is the truck who make the cylinder roll, initially? If yes, how? Since the truck force would pass by the center of the cylinder.
  21. L

    MHB Force when slipping and falling

    Help me find the friction force when slipping/falling I already posted this question, but I needed to reword it and include more info. A 158 lb man runs on a horizontal wet surface at 3 mph before decelerating to 1.5 mph about 4 feet before a right turn. There are cement stairs at the turn...
  22. SilverSoldier

    Mathematically Modeling a Rolling Body with Slipping

    Basically, I want to know if my assumptions and workings are correct. This is how I see this situation. First, I'm viewing this body as a series of disconnected points, like I have in this animation I made, modeling purely rolling motion. Modeling the body like that worked in that case, and...
  23. Leo Liu

    Cylinder Rolling Down an Incline Without Slipping

    First we let the static friction coefficient of a solid cylinder (rigid) be ##\mu_s## (large) and the cylinder roll down the incline (rigid) without slipping as shown below, where f is the friction force: In this case, ##mg\sin(\theta)## is less than ##F_{max}##, where ##F_{CM,max}## is the...
  24. M

    Kinetic energy of a disk that is rolling and not slipping

    Let ##\Theta## be the angle, following the movement of the center of the disk. In order to find the kinetic energy, we brake the movement of the disk into 2: The translation of the center of mass, and the rotation of the disk around it. So, the kinetic energy will be given by: $$T= \frac 1 2...
  25. L

    Rolling without Slipping - axes of rotation and centripital acceleration

    Therefore, if someone were to ask what the magnitude of centripetal acceleration is at the top of the wheel at a given instant (relative to the ground): ##v_{cm} = v_{translational, center-of-mass/wheel}## ##ω = ω_{point-of-contact}## ##v_{top} = 2(v_{cm}) = 2(rω)## ##a_{c(top)} =...
  26. A

    Kinematics without rolling or sliding

    I initially thought it is v, because the speed shouldn't change when the tape is on top.
  27. D

    Rolling without slipping down an inclined plane

    Hi If a rigid disc rolls down an incline plane without slipping then the component of weight down the plane causes the disc to accelerate downwards but the frictional force causes a torque which causes the disc to rotate, At the point of rolling without slipping the velocity of the centre of...
  28. W

    Can I readily clamp a pipe with 450 weight without it slipping?

    I'm planning on lifting a submersed well pump that is hanging on a 80' 2" galvanized pipe. Total weight is estimated to be 447lbs based on: pump ~ 50lbs pipe 3.6lbs per foot water 1.36lbs per foot The plan is to use two pieces of wood (1 foot of 2x6) with two clamps to hold the pipe in place...
  29. jisbon

    Rotating cylinder rolling without slipping in a B field

    Firstly, I need to determine what the electric field is causing. Using left hand rule, the force due to the field is acting down the slope. Hence my FBD looks like: Where the two arrows pointing towards the right represent the force due to the field and weight of the cylinder. Since ...
  30. A

    Rolling Without Slipping: What Am I Missing?

    Ok so please bear with me here and what is almost certainly a really stupid question, partly because I don't quite know how to ask it. When you have a wheel such as one attached to a car, a torque is applied to it from the engine. It's my understanding that the wheel would slide over the road...
  31. Kaushik

    Find the time at which the bead will start slipping

    A long horizontal rod has a bead which can slide along its length and is initially placed at a distance ## L ## from one end A of the rod.The rod starts from rest in angular motion about A with a constant angular acceleration ##\alpha## .If the coefficient of friction between the rod and the...
  32. N

    Rotating with slipping to rotating without slipping?

    It seems to me that this transition implies going from kinetic friction to static friction. The kinetic friction would apply a torque that would slow down the object's angular velocity, but I'm not sure how this connects to the object suddenly transitioning into rotating without slipping.
  33. cromata

    Rolling with slipping and conditions for not slipping

    Suppose that we have a some rotating object (lets say a wheel with radius R). Let's observe this problem from some reference frame in which center of mass translates with some velocity v and rotates with angular velocity ω. I know that condition for rolling without slipping is v=ωR (point at...
  34. V

    Find the velocity when the ball rolls without slipping

    Homework Statement A thin spherical shell is sliding with velocity ##v_0## on a table initial until friction eventually causes it to roll without slipping. Find its translational velocity when the it rolls without slipping as a fraction of ##v_0##. Homework Equations $$I=\frac{2}{3}MR^2$$...
  35. astrocytosis

    Ball rolls without slipping in an accelerating car

    Homework Statement A bowling ball sits on the smooth floor of a subway car. If the car has a horizontal acceleration a, what is the acceleration of the ball? Assume that the ball rolls without slipping. Homework Equations torque = R x F = Iα aball= Rα Isphere = (2/5) MR2 The Attempt at a...
  36. C

    Angular velocity of cylinders after slipping over each other

    Homework Statement two cylinders of radii r1, and r2 having moments of inertia I1, and I2, about their respective axes. Initially, the cylinders rotate about their axes with angular speeds w1, and w 2 as shown in the figure. The cylinders are moved closer to touch each other keeping the axes...
  37. J

    Net Vertical Force on a Slipping Chain on a Table

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution The initial shape of chain is like an inverted "L" with end B just touching the floor . Height of table is "h" . My problem is in identifying the net force on the chain in vertical direction .At any instant of time there are...
  38. T

    A thin disk rolls without slipping

    Homework Statement A very thin disk of mass m and radius R rolls without slipping along a horizontal plane. The disk is constrained to remain vertical. Let ψ be the angle between the plane of the disk and the x-axis of a fixed frame and θ be the angle measuring spinning of the disk about its...
  39. V

    How Can I Calculate the Angular Speed of a Ring Rolling Without Slipping?

    Homework Statement Homework Equations 3. The Attempt at a Solution These are my two observations for this problem . 1) Center of mass of the ring moves in a circle of radius (R-r) about point O . O is the center of the smaller circle in figure 2 . 2) From the geometry , the angular speed...
  40. H

    Rolling without slipping, theory

    Homework Statement I am solving a question that asks for, what's the minimum coefficient of friction required for a cylinder to roll without slipping? Where the cylinder has a force F acting on its center. Homework Equations And The Attempt at a Solution From the way I understand it, the...
  41. E

    Normal force on slipping hemisphere

    Homework Statement A hemispherical bowl of mass m and radius R is placed on a rough horizontal surface. Initially the centre C of the bowl is vertically above the point of contact with the ground(see figure). Now the bowl is released from rest. Find the normal force acting on the hemisphere...
  42. V

    Rolling cylinder or slipping cylinder reaches bottom first?

    Homework Statement Two identical cylinders are released from the top of two identical inclined planes. If one rolls without slipping and the other slips without rolling then which one will reach the bottom first? How will their speeds compare when they reach bottom of incline? I am not sure if...
  43. C

    Slipping vs No Slipping Ball Race

    The setup is a flat friction surface where the ball rolls without slipping. Next, in one case it goes up a friction incline, and in the other a frictionless incline. Which ball leaves the incline faster? Both are given the same initial push. At the bottom of the incline both balls have the same...
  44. lightofthemoon

    Slipping transitioning to rolling without slipping

    Homework Statement A solid spherical ball of mass 0.75 kg and radius 5.0 cm is thrown onto a horizontal surface with coefficient of kinetic friction μ . It’s initial velocity at time t = 0 is horizontal and its initial angular velocity is zero. After rolling with slipping for a time t1 = 0.76...
  45. anon11

    Ball Rolling Without Slipping On A Turntable

    Can someone please help me out with this tough problem? 1. Homework Statement A ball rolls on a turntable without slipping describe the balls motion in terms of (x,y) for a function of time. (The turntable spins at a constant rate) (This all the information that the professor gave us.)The...
  46. V

    Block slipping against two blocks

    Homework Statement In the setup , block C remains at rest and block A move towards left when system is released . If velocity of A is 'u' towards left at an instant , what is the vertical component of velocity with which B descends .What is the horizontal component of velocity of B at this...
  47. FallenApple

    Rolling with slipping sliding friction....

    I'm a bit confused. We all know that rolling with slipping is associated with kinetic friction. But Is that friction due to the traslational motion of the center of mass or just the spinning motion?If friction exists because of the translational motion, then in theory, I can slowly lower a...
  48. R

    Rolling Motion: With and Without Slipping

    what is the different between rolling in a straight line without slipping and with slipping and which topic it take these type of motion
  49. R

    Calculating Slipping on an Inclined Plane: A Scientific Perspective

    How can we calculate the slipping of an object down an inclined plane?
  50. K

    Torque Needs for Rotating Wheels Without Skid

    If I have two wheels with a contact point connection when the one of the wheels is starting a rotation due to a certain torque which condition do the torque have to fulfill in order to: 1) starting the rotation 2) guarantee a rotation without skid My toughs for now are: 1) the torque has to...