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Career advice for an entry level chemist

  1. Jun 30, 2007 #1
    I am not really hardworking or talented enough for PhD level chemistry (bad as that may sound but unless you are in the top 2% of the public in both talent and work ethic you'll have a hard time), and I know that finding a job in industry is much harder with a PhD than a MS or BS. I don't need the money, don't want the stress, don't want to deal with the job market of doctorate level chemists and don't have the ambition for a PhD.

    Should I go with the MS or BS (I earned my BS in biochem in may)? Would the MS narrow my job options and make it harder to find a job?

    Is it easy to find a job with a MS out of college? I figure I can either work 2 years and be earning 40-45k in 2009 or I can start grad school and start earning 40-45k as a beginning MS chemist in 2009. So either way I end up the same, but I think I'd enjoy working in research and learning new info about chemistry in school. The MS program I'd be applying to would not be anything I couldn't handle (ie not MIT level).

    My goal is R&D work in industry, and another goal is to eventually (10-15 years from now) be able to work part time (20-30 hours a week).

    I feel I am best at biochem and organic chem, is there a demand for MS degrees in these fields? If I got a MS in organic chem would that limit me to organic chem jobs or could I find a job as a MS level analytical chemist? Would my MS limit me to that specific subfield of chemistry or is it more important that you prove you can do the work to get the MS?

    My understanding of income is there is no difference really from MS to BS. 75 vs 65k, so money isn't a huge concern.

    So my goals are to

    Be employable in industry
    Be able to work part time if I want to
    Be able to work different shifts if I want to
    Be able to work in R&D

    Would the MS or BS be better for these goals?
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