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Career and subject of Mechatronics

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    I'm currently in undergaduate physics, and gonna be switching to either engineering physics or mechatronics engineering.

    I really need a bit more info on both subject areas, but mainly mechatronics.
    What areas of work there are available to them? What is a typical workday like?

    I've also been researching institutions that have this subject and found that it varies a little depending on where you go. For example, McMaster universities cirriculum puts a lot of emphasis on software courses, whereas the university of Waterloo has much more courses on mechanical systems, electronics, and their integration. Simon Fraser is very simmilar to U of W, Ontarios's tech inst. is quite general, and UBC has an eng phys program that has a mechantronics systems stream.

    Are you limited if you choose a program with different emphasies?

    Really just looking for any relevant imformation to the career and subject of Mechatronics.

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    Re: Mechatronics

    I apologize. This should probably have went into the academics guidance forum, but I'm looking for both academic and career information.
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    Re: Mechatronics

    No Mechatronics Engineers?
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    Re: Mechatronics

    You should look up Control engineering if you want more info on Mechatronics. The professor I had for Mechatronics helped found Innovative Integration Inc. You can google the company and it should give you an idea of what mechatronics can lead to.
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    Re: Mechatronics

    I will be starting my bachelors degree in mechatronics engineering this year(in australia), did a google search and found some intreresting stuff that might help you.


    http://www.memagazine.org/contents/current/features/whoowns/whoowns.html [Broken]

    this was particularly helpful:
    http://www.studyplaces.com/answers/i-intend-study-ms-mechatronics-and-therefore-i-needed-expert-guidance-regarding-course-also- [Broken]
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    Re: Mechatronics

    I just did the opposite. Switched from mechatronics at Waterloo to physics at waterloo. I'm not sure they will allow you to switch into engineering...unless you are starting from year one. Waterloo is quite stringent about their engineering program. Have you talked to anyone about this?
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    Re: Mechatronics

    No, I actaully need to talk to the department about this.

    I'm actually in second year physics, but I will be in engineering 1 for the summer, so I can take a couple of engineering courses.

    Looking at the cirriculum, I will be missing only two 1st year courses(Mechatronics engineering and circuits), however I should be able to get credit in three 2nd year courses(Differentiall Equation, Advanced Calculus, and Physics/Dynamics), so hopefully I can combine the 2 first year courses I'm missing with the 2nd year courses.

    Could you give me some info on the degree? What are the mechanics like? Are they the same as the type of mechnics you would do in physics? Asking this since my freind in 3rd mech eng has not done anything like centre of mass, moment of inertia, angular momentum, which we are doing in 2nd year, and at the particle and many particle level.

    What level of mechanics do you do? Is it all macroscopic rather than microscopic particle-based?
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    Re: Mechatronics

    Its more macroscopic lol. Take mechanical and throw in a couple of programming courses and you have mechatronics. I'm pretty sure they will not let you switch in because Waterloo is very very stringent about its engineering program. In addition you seem to have missed two co-op terms and two or more PDEng courses, which are supposed to be done while on co-op. Again I'm not sure how it will work out for you, but yeah talk to them. A buddy of mine switched from physics at 'loo to third year engineering at York. I suppose this can be done at Ryerson as well. UofT and Wateroo I'm not so sure about.
    Hmm..the math is pretty much the same but you are behind on CAD and circuit analysis. You are also behind on programming. There are two programming courses in first year; A lot of people fail or have problems with the second one.
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    Re: Mechatronics

    Lol, obviously were care about the macroscopic picture, haha. What I meant was do you use paricle models, eg motion of a particle, to describe what happens at the macroscopic level, kinda like statisical mechanics, but for mechanics rather than thermodynamics.

    Is there any difference between mechanics, excluding quantum mechanics, at the microscopic level vs the macroscopic level?
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