What is Mechatronics: Definition and 71 Discussions

Mechatronics, also called mechatronics engineering, is an interdisciplinary branch of mechanical engineering that focuses on the integration of mechanical, electronic and electrical engineering systems, and also includes a combination of robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications, systems, control, and product engineering. As technology advances over time, various subfields of engineering have succeeded in both adapting and multiplying. The intention of mechatronics is to produce a design solution that unifies each of these various subfields. Originally, the field of mechatronics was intended to be nothing more than a combination of mechanics and electronics, hence the name being a portmanteau of mechanics and electronics; however, as the complexity of technical systems continued to evolve, the definition had been broadened to include more technical areas.
The word mechatronics originated in Japanese-English and was created by Tetsuro Mori, an engineer of Yaskawa Electric Corporation. The word mechatronics was registered as trademark by the company in Japan with the registration number of "46-32714" in 1971. However, the company later released the right to use the word to public, where upon the word began being used across the world. Nowadays, the word is translated into many languages and is considered an essential term for advanced automated industry.Many people treat mechatronics as a modern buzzword synonymous with automation, robotics and electromechanical engineering.French standard NF E 01-010 gives the following definition: "approach aiming at the synergistic integration of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science within product design and manufacturing, in order to improve and/or optimize its functionality".

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  1. kamalMKA

    Mechanics for High School Students: Building a Robotic Arm

    TL;DR Summary: Mechanical engineering,robotics,mechnics,dynamics Hi guys , I'm new to mechnics and I want to learn it for building robotic arm , but I find mechanics book topics somewhat difficult for me , what I need to learn to get started as I'm a highschool student with basic level math.
  2. M

    How to program a buzzer to a PIC18F452 with PROTEUS and MPLAB IDE?

    crystal frequency is 4MHz The code i have tried is: #include <p18cxxx.h> #include <xc.h> void main(void) { TRISC = 0; // making TRISC pins output ADCON1 = 0x07; // making them digital pins while(1) { RC0 = 1; __delay_ms(5000); RC0 = 0...
  3. M

    Comp Sci Interrupts on pic18f452 not shooting in mplab X, help? C language

    I am using MPLAB X, everything is working great when I work on examples that require smaller or no preload at all, I do not understand why that is the case, is there a limit to the TMR0L? Hello please help asap, my specific case I have: 4MHz crystal -----> 1 / (4MHz / 4) = 1MHz timer I...
  4. M

    How do you use electrical components adequately?

    The image i provided is a section of microcontroller circuit that i used to interface code in C with the I/O port of the microcontroller, in Proteus. I have realized i was only ever told to learn how to measure the voltage and current across the components, Kirchhoff's rules and all, and...
  5. K

    Job Skills What next for manual gearbox design engineers?

    Simple questions are sometimes difficult to ask. I am a mechanical design engineer of automotive gearboxes with a UG qualification and 12 years of experience. My core expertise is into gears and special interest in NVH. In the recent years I see the automotive OEMs cutting down research cost of...
  6. K

    Programs Is a Mechatronics Associate Degree Worth It for a Career in Robotics?

    I have an interest in robotics and I recently done some research and found that only a hand full of colleges offer bachelors in robotics and the rest are masters degrees. I’ve been looking into getting an associate degree in mechatronics, but noticed that most mechatronics programs aren’t abet...
  7. Guidestone

    Engineering From Mechatronics To Electronics

    Hello people. I recently finished studying mechatronics engineering. I decided to pursue this degree as I wanted to learn about many areas of engineering. When I chose this degree I just could not make up my mind on which side of engineering to follow so I attempted to go after everything. At...
  8. C

    Engineering Mechatronics: DC Motor Position Control

    Homework Statement Write down the equations of motion and develop the continuous-time system. Homework Equations See my word doc. or PNG's. The Attempt at a Solution See my word doc. or PNG's. I assumed that there was no friction as no information was given. I can easily get the transfer...
  9. Dan8420

    Programs Importance of ABET in Mechatronics BS

    Hey all, my first 'real' post here, though I've been reading this forum for almost two years now! Would love some advice on a Mechatronics program. I am curious if anyone has thoughts about ABET certification in a Mechatronics degree program? While I know it is highly recommended for EE and ME...
  10. J

    Should I use a potentiometer or Quadrotor encoder?

    Specifications: Measuring angle from -90 to + 90 degs. Low friction Low moment of inertia Requires high speed Accuracy about 1° degree. Needs to be durable, handle mechanical vibration I use a dc motor as an actuator, this is a custom built servo. This is a very small device, and the encoder...
  11. S

    What is a carousel? (Mechatronics)

    Homework Statement https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carousel_(disambiguation) This may sound like a ridiculous question, but I'm required to do a presentation on mechanical aspects of mechatronics - specifically explaining what a carousel is. However, the internet doesn't seem to know what one is...
  12. S

    Engineering Btech in Mechatronics and BS Physics jobs?

    What jobs can I take if I both have a BTech in Mechatronics and a BS in Physics?
  13. V

    Programs Questions for Mechatronics students/graduates

    Hi guys, I will be going back to uni next year to pursue an engineering degree and I'm torn between mechanical and mechatronics engineering (specifically a mechatronics + CS double degree). I've looked at the units in both courses and (almost) all are interesting to me. On the one hand ME is a...
  14. Quantumfied

    Career help in Robotics and Mechatronics

    If I wanted to have a career working on and designing robotic and mechatronics systems should I double major in ME and EE or do a BS in ME and an MS in EE. Anyone have any advice on what the best option for this is?
  15. ccmetalhead

    Programs Mechatronics or Computer Science?

    Hi. Recently I saw that the Purdue Northwest campus near me is offering a Mechatronics bachelor's degree. Now for the longest time I figured that I wanted to do physics and then I could learn as I go and decide what I want to specialize in later on. I just knew that it was going to be science...
  16. J

    Courses Mechatronics vs Materials science, which course first?

    I have the choice of 6ECTS, and I will use it on either a Mechatronics course or a Materials Science course. My field is biomedical engineering, which course would you recommend, does either of the courses pre-requisites the other?
  17. V

    How to develop a proper base to pursue an MS in Robotics?

    Hello Guys, I'm currently entering my final month of my Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering. I've always wanted to learn more about robotics and Artificial Intelligence ,But never really put the time into it during my bachelors. I'm considering taking a break next year and applying for an MS...
  18. T

    Physics Stuck on a Decision: Physics or Mechatronics Engineering?

    I am really enthusiastic about physics and always dreamt of becoming a physicist but unfortunately my parent's don't really agree :( and that they are instead telling me to get into mechatronics engineering which is good since I do have a love for robotics and automation but compared to natural...
  19. ramzerimar

    Engineering Mechatronics or Thermal and Fluids for specialization?

    I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at the 4th semester, and I've been thinking about what specializations I should pursue after I get my bachelor's degree. I've always find mechatronics (control and automation) to be quite fun. I've developed some projects using Arduino and studied a little...
  20. G

    Other Exploring Mechatronics: An EEI Investigation

    Hello all, Next term I will have to conduct an extended experimental investigation on any topic of my choice! Yes! My passion primarily lies in technology as a whole, and as I plan to study mechatronics in university, I am inclined to do an EEI that will give me some insight into my potential...
  21. Z

    What to study to become a mechatronics engineer?

    Next year I will finish my IGCSEs (High school), and I want to become a mechatronics engineer. Is a mechatronic engineering a branch? Or will I start immediately in studying mechatronics at college? sorry if i sound confusing
  22. vinicius0197

    Engineering Mechanical Engineering with emphasis on mechatronics?

    Hey guys. I'm graduating in mechanical engineering at a university in Brazil. I'm currently on my second semester. I've started running after a mechanical engineering degree mostly because I've got a strong interest in the field of aircraft engineering, and my initial plan was to graduate in...
  23. S

    Scope of Mechatronics engineering

    Guyz is mechtronics engineering a reasonable degree to pursue at undergraduate level from a university with world ranking of 350 if you want to build a carrier .Also suggest some good universities among top 50. I am from Pakistan and have got 11A* in O level and 3 A in A Level.Your help would...
  24. N

    What is the best approach for MS/ME mechatronics?

    You see in my country there are only few BE Mechatronics which only top notch students can get MY question is that should I do my bachelor's in Mech or Elec Engineering for later doing Master's in mechatronics and yet having my options open for Energy Engineering, Aerospace Engineering and...
  25. M

    Vortex Tube for cabinet cooling

    Hi, I'm a mechatronics student and I am currently working on a project on the effectiveness of a vortex tube to cool a cabinet. The cabinet has a thermostat inside and if the temperature exceeds a threshold, an air compressor is turned on, causing the vortex tube to cool the cabinet. The cabinet...
  26. R

    Ultrasound NDT (non-destructive testing)

    Hi all, I've a question and I hope that I can get some answers here. As what my project has tasked, and what my lecturer had said. He needs me to build a device for NDT Testing. Currently the set up is that I would source for a transducer via olympus coupled with a USB oscilloscope capable...
  27. Nietzsche_Keen

    Graduated No job yet. How can I stay current/relevant?

    First post in the forums. Looking forward to some great conversations. I took my ultimate exam for an A.A.S. in Instrumentation Technology, Electronics, and Bio-medical Equipment Repair Technology. I have an internship at a hospital SUPPOSEDLY scheduled to start in a month. I have plans to...
  28. S

    Programs Robotics and Mechatronics Degree Useless?

    I am a freshman studying EE and like robotics, but I know that in robotics there is a team of mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. Also, I have been looking on job websites, just to see what types of electrical engineering jobs are available, but it seems that there aren't many jobs...
  29. O

    Computer science vs mechatronics engineering

    computer science vs mechatronics engineering , what to choose ?
  30. T

    Physics and mechatronics course in Germany

    Can anyone give me some views about the courses above in Germany and the study environment there in details. Thank you. :smile:
  31. S

    Mechatronics; Programming Vacuum Heat Treatment Plant.

    Homework Statement Essentially, I need to program four control units of the Vacuum Heat Treatment Plant. These are; thermocouple, heater, blower, door switch. Attachmen 1 : http://img209.imageshack.us/img209/7536/vacuumheattreatmentplan.png Uploaded with ImageShack.us Attachment 2...
  32. H

    Is a Mechatronics Career Still Possible Without a System Dynamics Course?

    Hi guys: initially i was going to complete my degree in mechatronics, however the department of my school want me to graduate by fall and so I will have one class (embedded system, with C++) short as well as a capstone project from getting my mechatronics degree. however, I will still...
  33. T

    Electronics and bionics or Mechatronics?

    Hello, I've been accepted to university to both fields that I have chosen, but I can't decide, they both seem good. The subjects are - Electronics and bionics, Mechatronics. A little about my backround; I've graduated in industrial automatics, and know thing or two in programming and I...
  34. E

    Waterloo Mechatronics vs. U of T Eng Sci

    I want to pursue graduate studies in the U.S after undergrad. What are the pros and cons of each university. I know that there have been many discussions over this topic but none of them give me a clear idea of which one is better. I heard that Waterloo has top employers hiring graduates like...
  35. E

    Do you think Mechatronics Engineering is too broad?

    Mechatronics Engineering is a combination of the three main engineering fields - Mechanical engineering Electrical engineering Computer engineering EACH of these courses take at least 4 years to cover deeply enough in university but Mechatronics Engineering does them all at once, so my...
  36. Z

    Laptop for Mechatronics Engineering: What Specs Do I Need?

    I'm going into Mechatronics engineering next year and looking for a laptop. My main question what kind of specs will I need. I can probably find a laptop with that info just not really sure how good of a laptop I will need, suggestions are welcome though. Thanks in advance!
  37. Femme_physics

    Mechatronics = Mechanical engineer who knows some electronics?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mechatronics According to the defintion, "Mechatronics is the combination of Mechanical engineering, Electronic engineering, Computer engineering, Software engineering, Control engineering, and Systems Design engineering in order to design, and manufacture useful...
  38. Z

    Is Mechatronics Engineering a Viable Career Path for Grade 12 Students?

    I am grade 12, looking into Mechatronics engineering. I think it looks interesting as it involves electrical, mechanical and software engineering, or so I've been led to believe. At the school I'm looking at for first years it is a general year unless you get into Mechatronics, which is a direct...
  39. T

    Programs Is Mechatronics too focused for an undergraduate degree?

    I am currently in first year engineering and I am not sure whether to go into Mechatronics or the more general Mechanical Engineering. A lot of people have told me that Mechanical Engineering is better in that it is more broad and you will get a bit of everything. Also does anyone know what...
  40. 0

    Mechanical engineering vs mechatronics vs software engineering

    Need help :D Hi everyone, I am finishing my high-school and I have to decide what I'm going to study next. I cannot decide between mechanical engineering, mechatronics(modul: robotics) and software engineering. This is what I would like to do...
  41. B

    Extra material for a Mechatronics course?

    Hey guys so I'm enrolled in a Mechatronics/Robotics course next semester and it's notorious for being one of the hardest classes that I can take. I'm a little worried about the difficulty of the class, but I think I can get through it haha. Anyway, I was wondering if there were any online...
  42. B

    Admissions Applying to Waterloo; Mechatronics or Mechanical?

    Hey guys, I am kinda in a dilemma here about applying to Waterloo (I'm currently in high school present in Ontario) for mechatronics or mechanical engineering. I was wondering if you guys could help me out with some experience in engineering in general and such to make an informed desicion...
  43. B

    Compare: Mechatronics & EE Majors for Career Prospects

    I'm trying to decide between EE or a Mechatronics program. I have not done tons of research, but my impression is that with Mechatronics there is more focus on "higher level" engineering stuff, like maybe less of the really challenging nitty gritty EE stuff and more microcontroller programming...
  44. Femme_physics

    The move from mechatronics to medical engineering, tough?

    After getting my practical engineer degree in mechatronics, I want to get on with a first degree in medical engineering. The reason I'm doing mechatronics first has to do with strange admission requirements for medical engineering, and doing a mechatronic practical engineer is my way of doing a...
  45. Femme_physics

    The usefulness of statics VS dynamics knowledge in mechatronics

    In my practical engineer degree for mechatronics, our technical mechanics test consists of 80% statics questions and 20% dynamic questions. I'm curious, why does statics appear to be more important than dynamic in this engineering discipline?
  46. 6

    Any UNC-Asheville Mechatronics or 2+2 Graduates?

    My first B.A. was in general studies (young and didn't know what I wanted), but I'm now looking to pursue a second bachelor's in the mechanical/mechatronics field. Since I live fairly close to UNCA, I thought it might be worth it to see if I could get any opinions from some of those who have...
  47. H


    I'm in year 12, and I've decided I'm going to study engineering at uni. But i really can't decide. I'm thinking maybe either doing mechatronics or aerospace. But some people say mechatronics is stupid, and its better either doing mechanical or electrical engineering. While some people say...
  48. B

    Introductory Mechatronics Question

    Okay, two questions: 1) Using a normally closed push button, design and sketch a circuit that will generate a logic '0' when the button is pressed, and a logic '1' when the button is released 2) Using a normally open push button, design and sketch a circuit that will generate a logic '0'...
  49. Femme_physics

    How far is the distance between mechatronics and electronics?

    How far is the distance between mechatronics and electronic? It seems to me mechatronics is basically electronics with more focus on mechanics and materials, right? And, as a side note, do you study software programming in mechatronics?
  50. Femme_physics

    Advice on Mechatronics vs Electronics vs Brain-Computer Interfaces

    I study Mechatronics, but my dream is actually getting into brain-computer interfaces. I think that's more electronics, but I'm such a newbie that I have no clue what I should really study (probably takes a good chunk of neuroscience as well...). Now, don't ask me how, but I got stuck in...