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Career Change to Mechanical Engineering at age 30

  1. Jan 2, 2015 #1
    I currently work in the pharmaceutical industry and I work in a lab testing purity of controlled substances. I have wanted to do engineering for several years now, more specifically electrical or mechanical. I have started to develop medical conditions due to exposure to chemicals in the lab. So now is the best time for me to start making the change. I am 29 about to be 30 in three months.

    I am well aware of the rigor involved in the engineering programs and that does not bother me at all, but what does concern me is... will age be an issue? I can only assume I will be ~35 +/- 1 years old when I finish the program.

    I am going in this with realistic expectations and I know I will be competing against new graduates and others who are more seasoned.

    Another thing I was curious about is how stable is the job market for engineers long term? I know all careers have no guarantee of stability at any given time, but over the long haul how would engineering employment hold up? When I am in my 50's, (granted I am keeping up with technology and information), will jobs still be available and offered for someone like me? Granted at that time I would have ~15 years of experience under my belt.

    I know a few engineers who are about my age now and have good paying and stable jobs. I hear computer science deals with ageism a great deal and I was wondering if this happens in engineering as well?

    I do appreciate any tips, advice, or questions you may have for me. I do appreciate your time.
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    Age doesn't matter. You could be 50 and still pursue a career in the engineering field... I would say 80% of the people in my engineering classes are between the ages of 27-36. Although, I am at a community college and that is the only reason there are so many older individuals.
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