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Career in web designing and internet

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    I want to make a career in web designing and internet area, so which course should i take Btech computer engineering / Btech software engineering / or Btech Information Technology

    Which is most preferred today for jobs?
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    Let me say, if you're an undergrad just starting out, you should look on job websites for the types of jobs you think you want, and read the qualifications. Do this periodically throughout your undergrad career, and you'll be in a good position when you graduate. Look for internships, etc., along the way that will make you contacts and get you experience.

    As for WHAT you should study, I don't know how it works in that field, but I can say that most people do things completely unrelated to their majors, and even unrelated to what they think they want to do when they're 18 years old. (I wanted to be a professional tuba player, am now working on a PhD in physics, and will be looking for jobs on wall street, for example.)

    Do things you enjoy, always improve yourself, and always keep in mind that knowing things CAN get you a job, but knowing people WILL get you a job.
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