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Catching cold when wet in rain

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    Whenever I got wet in the rain. I always get cold (running nose, etc.) I know I'm not catching the virus in the rain. Is the explanation because one's body thermo regulation (hypothalamus) gets affected which lowers the immune system that makes the existing virus in the body multiply? Right now I don't have any colds or health issues. I'm just asking the explanations why one can easily catch a cold when wet in the rain. It's raining now i'm outside and I'm afraid to get wet. Thanks.
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    A running nose doesn't have to be related to the virus disease. It can simply be a body reaction to the temperature.

    A running nose can also be caused by a virus disease, that is a completely unrelated cause. Just the result is similar.
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    This may be too hard to understand. Non-scientific version: Non-allergic sniffles are the most common sniffles (non-allergic rhinitis, abbreviated NAR). And the cause is not fully understood. Exposure to cold air is one trigger of many. Some kinds of dust or other irritants (like finely ground black pepper) may also be a trigger.

    In general, NAR can confuse the provider or the patient into thinking there is a more serious problem going on. Most NAR resolves by itself when environmental conditions change back to "normal". Whatever that may be.

    If you think your NAR symptoms are a sign of a serious condition, or NAR does not clear up when you come in out the cold, consult a physician. We do not and cannot provide medical diagnoses.
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    That's supposed to be a myth, at least for the general population, otherwise everyone who gets a chill would become ill, and that does definitely not happen.
    I suppose the bigger question is why do some people develop the flu or a cold during the season when the diseases are going around and not others.

    Although written by students, it does summarize, I believe, the standard opinion on the subject.
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    If one jumps to a pool of ice cold water.. won't it lower the immune system?
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    Why exactly do you expect this?
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    See also: http://www.pnas.org/content/112/3/827
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    Indeed, the theory that colder body temperature lead to higher chance of disease is still extremely popular. I have yet see any concrete evidence, but I get expressions of shock every time I question its validity.
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