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Aerospace Catia, measuring just the horizontal distance in side view

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    In CATIA V5R19, when I switch to the side view, how do I measure just the horizontal distance between 2 points that are not exactly in the same horizontal plane? When I use the tool 'Measure distance between' , I get a inclined measurement line which is exactly what I do not want.

    How do I go about correcting this?
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    There are a few ways to do this: when you use the measuring tool, you can customize it to give you the component of the ''inclined measurement line''. Assuming the horizontal you are looking for is one of the x,y,z components your problem is solve. Otherwise you can create a sketch parallel to the side view and and project the points you want to measure on the sketch surface, and then measure the distance.
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    Measure Between - Selection 1 mode - Any geometry, infinite ; Selection 2 mode - Any geometry, infinite
    Now try to measure. Hope it helps.
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