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Causes a superconductor to lose energy after a finite period of time

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    Please explain Flux Motion Resistance in Superconductors which causes a superconductor to lose energy after a finite period of time. (Theoretically it shouldn't)
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    Re: Superconductors

    Please explain What You Know About It First and then point to specific areas where you do not understand.

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    Re: Superconductors

    Just to make things CLEAR:

    Once a superconducting magnet is energized, it can retain its magnetic field forever, but due to FLUX MOTION RESISTANCE, it loses its energy after a finite time (e.g. a week or more). This is with respect to an MRI machine.

    I want to know the mechanism of FLUX MOTION RESISTANCE.

    I tried in google but didn't find a proper answer.
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    Re: Superconductors

    The resistance is essentially due to the fact that some energy is lost when you move vortices(flux) around; hence the name. This is also the reason why the distribution of pinning sites in the material is so important for power applications of SC.
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