CD DVD+/-RW Drive Burner INSTALLATION help!

  1. Hi all!
    I am not asking anyone to tell me how to install this hardware, I just cannot find anywhere on the internet that will give me instructions on how to install this internal drive! I have a
    Sony VAIO VGN-NW240F and the existing drive is inoperable so i purchased a new internal drive to install. i won't need to install any software or new drivers [the laptop should identify the new hardware just fine] but can anyone lead me in the right direction to a website or source that i could get clearer instruction on how to install this internal hardware?
    Thanks so much!
    Amanda : )

    ps: the hardware is a CD DVD+/-RW Drive Burner
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  3. Edit: missed that it was a laptop
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    Here's a youtube video that shows how to take a VAIO apart. Even if its not the exact same model it should give you the general idea.

    Covering your work surface with a soft blanket or something similar (as in the video) is a good idea, because it stops screws bouncing off a table top onto the floor and getting lost. A small container (e.g an egg cup) to hold the screws etc as you remove them is also useful.
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