How to install program for XP onto Win 7

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    I have a Epson PictureMaid and HP 7410 Printer that I want to install onto my new Win 7 Home Premium desktop. I have the old disc for both of them and they both are not compatible. I know there is a way to run compatibility in Win7 and install the programs. I forgot how to do it, can anyone give me the instructions?

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    It's not clear from your post: Are you trying to install device drivers for these printers or some other kind of software? AFAIK, XP device drivers are not compatible with Win 7; you have to search around for new drivers. Go to the websites of each printer mfg. and see what they have for these particular printers.
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    I think I got the Epson working.

    For the HP, I have problem with the new software driver that I even have a different thread for that, It has not been resolved, that's the reason I post this to try to run in competitive mode instead.

    I am really getting desperate, I paid a lot to buy a Window 7 computer because I have issue with Win 8 on the other computer. I have an older Win 7 Laptop, that is 64 bits and I had no problem installing at least the HP printer. I can even install HP printer onto the new Win 8 laptop for my wife.

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