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How to load programs to computer without a CD or DVD drive.

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    I just realize my new laptop has no CD or DVD drive. I need to load anti virus and other programs in. I know all I need is to go and buy a USB DVD drive. But is there any way for me to copy the content of the DVD or CD into a USB flash drive using another computer. Then plug the flash drive into the new laptop to load the program. I already have the wireless connection on the new laptop, so register on line is not a problem. Those are all legit programs.

    If it can be done, how do I copy the content from the DVD/CD to the flash drive. I put in the CD, I don't see the list of programs like in the older days that you can see all the files on the CD if you use explore command.


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    The first thing you have to do is create an ISO image file (basically a copy of the DVD) on the computer that has the DVD drive. This isn't too complicated, there are a couple of programs that will do it for you. An example of explicit instructions is here


    Then you need to mount your ISO image onto a virtual drive on your new laptop. There are programs that will do this, a couple are listed here

    I have personally used Daemon tools Lite but I'm sure the other ones work fine if for some reason you don't want to use it. Basically whichever you choose to download you just have to find the place where it says "Mount ISO" or "Mount image" and then search for that ISO image that you made. Your computer should react to this in exactly the same way it would react to you having put the DVD into a DVD drive - it should autorun the installation process/do whatever else you expect it to do at that point.
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    Mcafee Total Protection 2013 had a note inside the box, "You can install the CD if you must OR you can just go to our website, enter your license number and download what is probably a much newer version than is on the CD in this box."

    I see that trend more and more, the great walls of boxed software in the stores is rapidly becoming envelopes with these same instructions inside. I suspect most vendors might be able to tell you how to directly download the product you paid for if you were to ask them.
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    You should also investigate the possibility of sharing the DVD drive on your network. It's not unusual for programs to act differently when being installed via a shared/network drive so be prepared with a plan B.

    Anti-virus programs are free. MSE, Avast, AVG, and others all have free versions.

    Typically the dvd authoring software that came with the computer (Nero, Roxio) can create an .iso image, then burn that .iso image to a USB stick. Use the specific methodology in the software to burn an .iso (sometimes called a disk image) rather than just copying the .iso to the USB stick.

    When done correctly, you will be able to insert your USB stick and it will contain the same files as the dvd did. If you explore the USB stick and see xxxxxxxxx.iso something went wrong. You should see a file list. Most likely one of those will be setup.exe and you can proceed from there.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for your help, I already installed both the BurnAware and Daemon. I successfully download the Norton disk to an ISO file already and stored on the desktop. I read through the Daemon link you provided, there is no instruction how to convert the ISO file into a virtual disk. Do you have any link with instructions?


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    Just mount the ISO into a virtual disk,it isn't converted.
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    Thanks everyone for helping. I successfully mounted the ISO files, stored in the flash, download into the new laptop and ran the installation..........It's looking all good.....until....

    The installation said my Norton 360 5.0 I purchased was only for up to Windows 7!!!! It is not compatible with the new laptop with Windows 8!!! I have to buy the new version!!!! Darn.....So close.

    I hate all the changes of software. I think it's all about getting people to spend money. Now I have to find a Windows 7 software to downgrade the laptop as I have old Office and other programs that run in Windows 7. I don't even know how to use Windows 8 and I have no intention buying those tablets, smart phones and all. I am really not interested in learning Windows 8!!!

    But that is beyond my question here, far as my original question, it is solved and thanks everyone here for the big help.

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    In Daemon tools there will be an option to spawn or create virtual disk. First do that, then you will see a new CD drive in Windows Explorer.
    Now go back to Daemon Tools, right click on the new drive that it just created and select Mount ISO/Image
    Then browse to where you have the ISO file stored and select it.
    Daemon tools will then mount the ISO and your system will behave as if that virtual drive has a CD in it.

    ISO's are CD/DVD images, think of it like a zip file that has ALL the contents of the CD. Programs like Daemon tools, allow you to open the contents of these images without having to actually burn them to a disk.
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    You will probably be fine using the built-in Windows Defender program if you cannot afford to buy anti-virus software.
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