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CDM/MOND duality through Holography.

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    I didn't notice this paper, until it was featured today on TR:



    MONDian Dark Matter

    Chiu Man Ho, Djordje Minic, Y. Jack Ng
    (Submitted on 19 May 2010)
    We provide a holographic dual description of Milgrom's scaling associated with galactic rotation curves. Our argument is based on the recent entropic reinterpretation of Newton's laws of motion. We propose a duality between cold dark matter and modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND). We introduce the concept of MONDian dark matter, and discuss some of its phenomenological implications. At cluster as well as cosmological scales, the MONDian dark matter would behave as cold dark matter, but at the galactic scale, the MONDian dark matter would act as MOND.
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    I assume, the interaction between the two information results with a virtual particle-antiparticle pair.
    This suggests a real energy in quantum vacuum. The energy has its relativistic mass, proportional to the energy distribution. The vacuum energy is a sum of the energy of the appearing and disappearing virtual particles-antiparticles. Its density is inversely proportional to the squared distance from the source of the oscillating particles.

    Such a distribution of the relativistic vacuum energy creates a gravitational mass under a sphere which is proportional to its radius R.

    The anomalous acceleration
    a=GM/r2=4.2Gr3Dc/Hr3 =4.2GDc/H= a=3.25x10-10 m/s^2
    where : Universe's vacuum energy density D=8.9x10-27 kg/m3
    and Hubble const. H=71 km/s/Mpc=2.3x10-18 /s

    This additional mass explains Dark Matter effect around galaxy and galaxy clusters.
    http://www.cramerti.home.pl/ [Broken]
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    Czes that is some interesting stuff!
    We need more philosophers!
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    Here is a calculation of the professional physicist Erik Verlinde. It shows that virtual particle-antiparticle pairs from the vacuum cause acceleration as an ordinary mass.

    Entropic force = T dS/dx , where: dS= 2pi k (mc/h)dx
    The Unruh vacuum temperature kT = ha/2pi c
    The total Energy E= Mc2 = (½) N kT , where N=number of degrees of freedom (bits) = A c^3 /Gh , where area of the screen A = 4 pi r^2
    We get the Newtons Law of gravity, the acceleration a=GM / r^2

    The entropy is lower close to massive object where the quantum information is entangled in a denser structure.
    Dark Matter is just a difference in the relative distribution of the vacuum. The vacuum is our space-time, the aether of the General Relativity of Einstein. Minkowski's space-time is not empty - it is vacuum with its virtual particle-antiparticle pairs.
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