What is Holography: Definition and 38 Discussions

Holography is a technique which enables a wavefront to be recorded and later re-constructed. Holography is best known as a method of generating three-dimensional images but it also has a wide range of other applications. In principle, it is possible to make a hologram for any type of wave.
A hologram is made by superimposing a second wavefront (normally called the reference beam) on the wavefront of interest, thereby generating an interference pattern which is recorded on a physical medium. When only the second wavefront illuminates the interference pattern, it is diffracted to recreate the original wavefront. Holograms can also be computer-generated by modelling the two wavefronts and adding them together digitally. The resulting digital image is then printed onto a suitable mask or film and illuminated by a suitable source to reconstruct the wavefront of interest.

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  1. K

    I Is loop quantum gravity dual to CFT?

    this paper arXiv:2310.02958 [pdf, other] What if Quantum Gravity is "just'' Quantum Information Theory? Aron C. Wall Comments: 6 pages, 2 figures. Additional references added to arxiv version Journal-ref: Proc. 28th Solvay Conf. Phys., ed. D. Gross, A. Sevrin, P. Zoller, World...
  2. rogdal

    I Hologram recording on photorefractive material

    Good morning, I am developing an experiment on how to study the kinetics of etching/erasure of holographic lattices in a photorefractive material and I have some doubts about the procedure to follow. I have a single-mode He-Ne laser with monochromatic light of wavelength 632.8 nm and the...
  3. M

    A Twistors and celestial holography

    Many of us have heard of "twistors", arguably Roger Penrose's biggest contribution to theoretical physics. Twistor space is a space which maps nonlocally onto physical space-time; in particular, lightlike structures in space-time, like null lines and light cones, become much more "local" in...
  4. BiGyElLoWhAt

    B Intuitive, conceptual understanding of holography

    I'm trying to understand how optical holography works. I made a hologram using LitiHolo C_RT20 instant develop hologram film and am now trying to understand how this actually works. It almost makes sense to me. What I'm having trouble understanding, however, is this: Reference wave + object wave...
  5. sbrothy

    I Barrow black holes with fractal surface?

    This should maybe go in the Beyond The Standard Model forum but since it's a paper about quantum cosmology I'll put it here. Feel free to move it if it's too speculative but that's exactly my question. That is: if it is... Perusing "The Area of a Rough Black Hole" - -...
  6. E

    I Holography used in telecommunications

    Hi PF! I am interested to know whether there are applications of holography in telecommunications, and if there is research on this topic. If there is some literature on this topic (provided holography is used in computer networking) where I can read and learn more in-depth about this topic, I...
  7. Z

    I Double slit mystery in relation to holography and the single slit?

    What part of double slit mystery remains considering single slit can produce interference pattern as well? Does holography not fully explain those patterns behind any number of slits as a sort of "encoded image" of the slit(s)? Does the word "focus" have any meaning in these kinds of experiments?
  8. L

    I What is the connection between holograms and the implicate order?

    How do you understand the world "holographic"? Is it not it is about every part is included in other part and vice versa. If you take a piece of image of holography, the part of the entire thing is within any other part. How best to phrase the above? There is another definition that...
  9. S

    A How does this study affect the holographic principle?

    In a recent study (https://phys.org/news/2018-08-flaw-emergent-gravity.html) it has been discovered an important flaw in Emergent/Entropic Gravity because it has been discovered that holographic screens cannot behave according to thermodynamics... But then, doesn't this also invalidate...
  10. J

    B M theory, holography, many worlds -- What we do know?

    Hi! Sorry for my bad English! I don't know much of physics, I know some experiments that show that relativity is real, quantum entanglement, particle and wave duality and so on... So, the only theory that explain all of it mathematically is M theory and the strings, but we can never test it to...
  11. haushofer

    A Non-relativistic holography

    Dear all, I'm a bit confused about non-relativistic applications of holography, like e.g. in https://arxiv.org/pdf/0812.0530v1.pdf and https://arxiv.org/abs/1306.0638 In these papers people try to connect holographically non-relativistic condensed matter systems, like the Quantum Hall...
  12. airoll

    [Diffraction] Can a glass slide magnify an object on it?

    I have the following optical setup, in which the goal is to record the diffraction pattern of a sample on an image detector some distance away. In this particular case, the sample is sitting on a standard microscope glass slide. Now, after recording the diffraction pattern, I numerically...
  13. ZetaOfThree

    Prerequisites for holography in condensed matter

    What are prerequisite courses/topics to better understand holography as applied to strongly correlated condensed matter systems? Any references/textbooks would be appreciated. I'm doing research on this topic and would like my understanding to improve. Thanks very much
  14. kelvin490

    How Holography Works: Explained

    To make a hologram a film is exposed to an incident plane wave and wave from the object to record the interference pattern on the film. The principle is commonly explained in a way like that in p.1212 of "University Physics" (...
  15. Jimster41

    AdS/CFT w/out Holography and SLOT - Fluctuation Work Theorem

    http://arxiv.org/abs/1507.00591 AdS/CFT without holography: A hidden dimension on the CFT side and implications for black-hole entropy H. Nikolic (Submitted on 2 Jul 2015) We propose a new non-holographic formulation of AdS/CFT correspondence, according to which quantum gravity on AdS and its...
  16. Malaxus

    Question about Holograms and 3D mid air images, videos, etc.

    I am very curious about holograms and if there is a possible way to project 3D , mid-air images and videos on air with no holographic screen (The Princess Leia hologram in Star Wars). If it is not possible, how long till they actually start arriving to the world and how will they work/operate?
  17. J

    What Are Some Current Topics in Physics That Interest John Salkeld?

    The title above give my name. I am a pure maths PhD with an interest in physics and geometry. I am currently studying physics for fun and I am very interested in current progress. I am especially interested in quantisation of space time, holographic theories and dualities. Regards John
  18. rumborak

    Are holograms able to reconstruct wavefronts in all directions?

    Hi everybody, first time post/question, hope you're kind with me :) I got a somewhat detailed question about holography: Obviously the very point of holography is to recreate the wavefronts correctly towards the viewer, as in this picture (thanks to Wikipedia) My question is, are the...
  19. A

    AdS/CFT and Holography: Exploring the Questions

    I studied string theory for 2 years officially and much more on my own, chance made it that I spent the last year reading "serious" algebraic topology books and differential geometry specific for mathematicians. After gaining this insight I am very skeptical about string theory and the...
  20. J

    Course which focuses on holography

    Hi all, Next period I'll be taking a course which focuses on holography this year (it's a different course every year pertaining to some (very/reasonably) active field in theoretical physics). We have gotten some links to course materials we'll be dealing with (1) The gauge/gravity...
  21. marcus

    Holography without string theory (new paper by Don Marolf)

    This was just posted on arxiv. It seems to be of general interest so here's a thread in case anyone wants to discuss it. http://arxiv.org/abs/1308.1977 Holography without strings? Donald Marolf (Submitted on 8 Aug 2013) A defining feature of holographic dualities is that, along with the bulk...
  22. A

    Insight on holography at the planck scale

    Part of my basic understanding of the holographic principal is that the amount information in a given area of space is less than the surface area that surrounds that region (measured in Planck units squared). The exception being that in the case of a black hole the information stored within an...
  23. L

    Wrapping my head around holography

    Having trouble wrapping my head around holography after watching/reading a ton of stuff on the topic. What I think I have found to be true is that real holograms are 3D images captured onto film that are able to be viewed at any angle through the naked eye. So the concept of a 3d image or...
  24. C

    [Holography] Global symmetry in boundary corresponds to gauge symmetry in bulk?

    I hear the statement that global symmetries in the boundary field theory corresponds to gauge symmetries in the bulk. 1) Is this a generic statement that is expected to hold for all holography pairs? (Maldacena states this towards the end of his first lecture at PiTP2010, which was supposed to...
  25. D

    Holography & Art: Can it Accurately Reproduce Oil Paintings?

    Hi, I'm an aspiring SF writer, and had a question about holography. Do you think holography can advance to the point where it can accurately reproduce the colors, hues, and brushstrokes of oil paintings? For instance, if the Mona Lisa is scanned, frame and all, it could appear to hang on the...
  26. Z

    How can Fourier Transforms help explain the process of holography?

    I'm really having trouble understanding how holograms work in a good enough way to explain it. I know it captures an interefernce pattern of two incoming waves in the form of a complicated diffraction grating. When the reference beam shines on to the plate the original object is created. But...
  27. C

    Holography and Calabi-Yau compactifications

    Holography separates the space of non-gravity (gauge) and gravity (string) theories into boundary and bulk. As I see it, CY compactifications do no such separations. So, aren't they fundamentally inconsistent with each other? I also see more and more string theorists starting to believe in the...
  28. Fra

    Holography, bekenstein and information distance

    Given the recent discussion about a possible formulation of holographic principle, and also what geometric notions suchs distance and area may mean without prior metric I thought I'd throw in this suggestive comparasion out for discussion. I feel the discussion is still too much tied to...
  29. A

    Please explain the difference between holography and holograms. I have

    Please explain the difference between holography and holograms. I have to do an assignment on holography, but should I research holograms aswell. Thanks
  30. MTd2

    CDM/MOND duality through Holography.

    I didn't notice this paper, until it was featured today on TR: http://www.technologyreview.com/blog/arxiv/25214/?ref=rss http://arxiv.org/abs/1005.3537 MONDian Dark Matter Chiu Man Ho, Djordje Minic, Y. Jack Ng (Submitted on 19 May 2010) We provide a holographic dual description...
  31. jal

    Light-Front Holography: Gravitational Form Factors of Hadrons

    Light-Front Holography Will this approach generate any interest? http://arxiv.org/abs/0804.0452 Light-Front Dynamics and AdS/QCD Correspondence: Gravitational Form Factors of Composite Hadrons Authors: Stanley J. Brodsky, Guy F. de Teramond (Submitted on 3 Apr 2008)
  32. jal

    Explore Holographic Dark Energy: Edmund J. Copeland et al.

    The people that are interested in Holography and dark energy probably know better than me on how to search for papers on Holographic dark energy. The following papper discusses ALL dark energy models EXCEPT Holography Dark Energy. This thread is related to We are in a Schwarzschild black...
  33. marcus

    Holography in LQG-new result by Gambini and Pullin

    Holography in LQG--new result by Gambini and Pullin http://arxiv.org/abs/0708.0250 Holography in spherically symmetric loop quantum gravity Rodolfo Gambini, Jorge Pullin 5 pages (Submitted on 2 Aug 2007) "We show that holography arises naturally in the context of spherically symmetric loop...
  34. A

    Common Mistakes in Hologram Recording and Processing: Avoiding Poor Results

    I would just like to know three mistakes students might make in recording and processing their holograms that would result in a poor or nonexistent hologram and please explain why? Thank you very much to those who reply in advanced!
  35. fargoth

    Digital holography - why not 3d?

    after applying Fourier transform on the interference picture i get from the object ray and the reference ray (which i captured with a high definition CCD), i can see the object again... but it doesn't look like a hologram to me... its pretty 2d dimensional looking... my guess is that my...
  36. S

    How holography works (entire explanation)

    Would someone, PLEEEEAAAASSSEEE, explain here how holography actually works. ...I mean - I know (I've already read about it times and times again) - I know it has to do with interference patterns (interaction between two components of light (object and reference light)), I see it has to do...
  37. G

    Looking for conferences/workshops on Black Hole Thermodynamics / Holography

    Can anyone suggest a good place to look for upcoming conferences and/or workshops pertaining to aspects of black hole thermodynamics and the holographic principle? In fact, what are some good "central repositories" for conference postings? LANL used to have one, but it frequently got out of...