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Celestia on Nvidia Hardware and Ubuntu OS difficulties

  1. Dec 3, 2007 #1

    Celestia runs fine, except when i go to satellites ( Hubble, ISS, etc). When i hit the 'g' key it doesn't show anything for the object, instead a blackish type sphere is displayed. I'm running it on an older system:

    Dell GX240
    2.4Ghz Pentium4
    1gb DDR 2700
    Geforce MX440 64MB

    I have all the Nvidia driver configurations complete, and direct rendering is enabled. I'm able to play Urban Terror 4.0 on this machine just fine, but Celestia...i don't know.
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    Funny you mention that card. I installed an HP MX440 in computer just yesterday.

    I just checked out Celestia's website and they did mention the MX series. Not the problem you're having though...

    So you do have the latest Nvidia drivers? That graphics card it a little lower-end considering what's out there now, but it should still have some nice effects. Try adjusting other settings in Celestia... also try playing with the filtering and anti-aliasing under Nvidias control panel settings.
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    Funny thing is that i have a Windows Machine with the same card here at my desk, and Celestia renders the satellites, just fine..weird. Setting changes don't stick in the NVIDIA configuration tool, that's another weird thing.
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