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    Fortran How to use Real Array Index in Matrix dimension?

    I am developing a FORTRAN code (.f90) which "ll calculate some matrix in some time interval (dt1=0.001) and these matrices have to be integrated in some time steps (dt=0.1). Though I am experience in FORTRAN 77, new to FORTRAN 90. I am unable to make dimension of matrix real (I think that is the...
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    MANPATH: Undefined variable. % ?

    I am installing an installing an open source software -on Ubuntu 16.04- by reading its 'readme' file. At certain point (point 3b in the link) the guideline requires me to run a .csh file located in a certain directory in order to generate executables. When I type csh on terminal in the required...
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    Why “sudo cat /dev/ttyACM0” run only 1 time? (GPS)

    hi group, I am working on the GPS data collection, I Need help. If anyone who has been working on the u-blox GNSS Evaluation Kit Time EVK-M8T before and have seen it, please help. I do not know why sudo cat /dev/ttyACM0 only 1 time. I have the U-blox EVK-M8T which can read the NMEA messages...
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    C/++/# How to read a list of USB from C++ in ubuntu OS?

    I am trying to use C++ (eclipse in Ubuntu OS) to read USB connection. Usually, on the terminal window, I can use command "lsusb" to see the list. Now, I want to do the same way with C++. can anyone help? Thank you very much.
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    OpenBLAS crashes on Ubuntu 15.04

    Whenever I try to reduce, invert, or factorize matrices of size 10000x10000 my whole system suddenly restarts without any error message. This happens on both julia and matlab when I run the command A=rand(10000,10000)^-1; I suspect the problem is due to the linear algebra libraries (I have...
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    YouTube Videos Extremely Choppy (Ubuntu 15.04)

    When watching videos on Ubuntu 15.04, youtube videos are being EXTREMELY choppy. HTML5 player is on, and it's still choppy. I turned off hardware acceleration, and same result. It's getting to the point where it's annoying.
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    Macbook Pro, Linux or PC for CC Physics Major?

    I'm just starting school as a Liberal Arts intending to major in Physics at my Local CC. **This question is for FUTURE REFERENCE!!!!*** In regards to software support, what OS would I need? I've heard mixed reports & more forums leaning towards the Macbook Air / Pro side. Is this correct? I'm...
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    Ubuntu 14.04, wireless network cannot connect

    I have recently installed ubuntu 14.04 alongside windows 7 but I'm having major issues with connecting to wireless networks. The networks are detected and show up in the network manager, but when I connect and insert the correct password (double checked), a window continues to pop up saying that...