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Centrifugal Force load caused from propeller rotation

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    Is anyone interested in telling me the force created from 2 propeller blades rotating 2000 rpm.The total diameter of the prop is 72 inches and the weight of 1 blade is 4 lbs.
    Reason for the question is I want to mill a clark-y profile the length of the blade less ,4 inches for a bolted connection to the hub. The milled bar with the profile is to get twisted after milling to get the pitch.Using shims at the hub blade connection to increase/decrease pitch angle for final setting.
    I'm going with the idea the bolted connection yield strength would be based on the centrifugal force of the rotating blades.
    Help would be most appreciated,ED
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    The force will depend a lot on the mass distribution from the center to the tip. You will have to specify that. Clark Y only tells the cross section profile of the blade at each section. I don't think that matters.
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    the section of the blade is the same 4 inches from the centre to the tip. The lbs/inch is .1111/1 inch of the aluminum flat bar used for a blade. there are 2 blades. I thought not using the weight /inch of the clark -y section would give a ssafety margin. Thanks ED
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