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Centripetal force experiment lab

  1. Nov 15, 2009 #1
    What is the relationship between the mass and velocity of a whirling object? base of graph relationship

    What is the relationship between the radius of revolution and the velocity of a whirling object?

    What is the relationship between the velocity of a whirling object and the centripetal force that is exerted on it?

    I graphed centripetal force vs velocites, and radii vs velcoites, hw would the shape of graphs change if I square the v? I'm assuming straighter instead of curve?

    Please don't give me the equations and rearrange them etc... This is for a lab, I'm not really understanding these questions, I have tried book, google(ppl only just rearrange the euqations, doen't explain anything, I don't think the teacher wants to see equations rearranged unless expalained by WORDS)
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    What did you do in the lab? What measurements do you have?
    The first question seems to be asking about an experiment where the mass and speed of an object in circular motion both change. It is easy to change the speed, but I'm curious how you changed the mass.

    Of course the pioneers figured out the formulas from the experiment, but sometimes it took them years to do it. You might want to peak at the formula for what you did in the experiment to get a hint on what to graph to get a nice straight line graph for which a formula can easily be written.
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