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Homework Help: Centripetal force on a stunt pilot

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    A stunt pilot who has been diving vertically at 150m/s pulls out to dive into a circle in the vertical plane.

    a)What is the minimum radius of the circle, if the force on the pilot is not to exceed 6g.

    b)If the pilot has a mass of 80kg, what is the apparent weight of the pilot at the lowest point of the circle?

    My solution:

    a)6g = mv^2/r
    r= 383*mass metres

    b) 6g = R-mg
    R= g(6+80)

    Is the above correct? The answer to part a) seems abit too large to me!

    Thank you very much for any assistance, I really appreciate it.
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    Hi nokia8650! :smile:

    i] when people say a force of 6g, they mean an acceleration of 6g … so you can forget the mass in part a)

    ii] is this an unpowered dive, so that the speed increases, or a powered dive at exactly the same speed throughout? :confused:
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