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Chances to transfer from CC to UIUC with mediocre GPA

  1. Oct 5, 2011 #1
    I want to transfer to U of I urbana champaign... but the thing is

    Im a sophomore at a community college right now, and I have a 3.1 GPA currently, and if i get a 4.0 this semester i will be bumped up to a 3.3. I want to attend U of I urbana champaign starting my junior year, what are my chances?

    I also failed a class my first semester, and was put on academic probation. But the very next semester i got a 3.5 and retook the failed class and got a B.

    I didnt do so well in high school.... 21 ACT and 2.2 GPA

    I plan to major in cellular and molecular biology.

    BUT.... i did VERY bad in high school..... 21 act and a 2.2 GPA, i just didnt have my priorities straight... but im trying to catch up academically. I live in Illinois also.
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    First thing that came to mind is this: Why UIUC? If you want to stay within Illinois to get favorable tuition, why not other state schools that might give you a better chance of getting in?

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    It was just always my dream to go to UIUC, family members went there, i visited and had a great time.

    I do also plan to apply to UIC/ISU
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