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Change in position/t greater than speed of light?

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    Is it possible to travel further in distance (position 2 - position 1) over a unit time more than that of traveling at the speed of light? This is not wormhole, or anything that sort, just change in position.

    I am coming from the fact that a moving particle can exist on a moving object.
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    Same answer as in your previous thread:

    If an object is moving with velocity u, and carrying a moving object whose velocity is v, you don't simply add u + v. The relativistic law of velocity composition guarantees that the speed of light cannot be exceeded.
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    The short answer is "No". Bill_K showed why above. Look at the formula he posted. If u and v are both less than c then the result is always less than c. If either u or v is c then the result is c, regardless of what the other one is.
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