Changing Major from Business/Accounting to Physics?

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I am a current community college student (FEMALE) who is about to get an AST degree in Business Admin/Accounting in May. I feel like I really want to change my major now, and feel that I have waned my interest in the Accounting/Business field in general. I recently have just started to think about majoring in physics (astrophysics in general). I don't feel like I've wasted my time, but feel like I could use the extra two years at my current community college to get my undergraduate transfer requirements in the major I am now interested in. I love science and physics in general. I keep up with all the news and try my best to self study on the topics, especially the math part (Calc, Linear Algebra, Diff Equations, etc). I would ideally like to achieve a Masters and eventually go further.

I want to know if it is worth it, or should I continue to go with Accounting (I don't hate it, but it really doesn't sound as exciting in the long run.)

Or....what are some business degrees that coincide with some sort of science field that I could get if I do major in business and/or physics??)

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You could become a quant, that's popular among physicists who move into business/finance.
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Take calculus 1 and then a calculus based physics class after that to see how well you really like the subject. Don't outright change your major yet, though.

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