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Chaos Theory & Non-Linear Sys Analysis/Control?

  1. Sep 30, 2006 #1
    Hello learned colleagues and other deep thinkers:

    This question may be construed as either way too esoteric, or simply as too vague for this forum, and if deemed either of these I would agree if others find it an inappropriate topic. However...

    When it comes to aerospace vehicles and the software systems that control them, I do believe the history of development has shown a marked progression from "linear and highly-predictable" systems towards an acceptance of "non-linear and more probablistic" systems. The best example I can give is aerodynamic angle of attack.

    The early days of aircraft respected, honored, dare we say "worshipped" the linear angle of attack range for lift production... Generally from 0 to 18-20 degrees AOA MAX, depending upon the specific airframe/powerplant design and when its control response becomes non-linear.

    We then have progressed to understanding the benefits and trade-offs of being able to maneuver aircraft at MUCH higher AoA's which are WELL into the non-linear region of aerodynamic response.

    And then there is the science of Chaos Theory which bridges the worlds of linear and non-linear phenomenon with such tools as fractal embedding analytical processes (wavelets is just one of them!).

    But does anyone have any references and/or citations of people who have actually used Chaos Theory as a means to design an optimal system which responds with minimum energy in both its linear and non-linear operating regions?

    Thank you. I appreciate any answers or even willingness to discuss such a topic.

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    I am sorry rainman I cannot be of too much help here. Moreover, I want to know what do you mean with non linear aerodynamic response?. Even though my whole research goes about fluid mechanics, I am not familiar with its engineering applications to wing aerodynamics. Maybe I am too young for knowing about everything...:biggrin:
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