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Undergrad Aerospace Vs Mechanical.

  1. Aerospace Engineering Undergrad.

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  2. Mechanical Engineering Undergrad.

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  1. Jun 27, 2013 #1
    Hello All. I am planning for Undergrad and I am interested in having a part of Aerospace Industry and like to work in Boeing, Cessna etc. I have searched this Forum were some posters posed that Mechanical Engineering is more suited than Aerospace in Undergrad,if you are going to do MS in Aerospace Engineeringand Also half of the staff members of industry have Mechanical degree rather than Aerospace . Is that true even today?

    For them who have choosed Mechanical Undergrad
    Unlike all US/International Aerospace department where only TOEFL & GRE General Test is sufficient for Admission for Graduate Program in Aerospace Engineering both for Mech/Aero Undergrads, here in my country there is an entrance for Graduate Admission in Aerospace. Below I have quoted the breif syllabus of that Entrance test. Do you think syllabus can be completed in Mechanical Engineering Undergrad.
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  3. Jul 3, 2013 #2
    I think if you are interested purely in aerospace, then you should go with a course in aerospace only. Mechanical engineering is way general for the syllabus of the entrance test you have put up here. I don't think a course in mechanical engineering would train you well specifically for aerospace. However it is best to first consult people who have pursued mechanical, and those who have done aerospace. And later decide which one would be preferable.
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