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Should I study D. S. Processing or control theory in greater depth?

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    I'm studying CE and math. My computer engineering course is basically electronic/electrical engineering with extra software. I have a choice between the two subject combinations below. Additionally, 1. I'm studying two mechatronic control theory subject, and a mathematical control theory subject1, 2. I have the option to study a PDE subject , a non-linear dynamics (chaos) subject, or a image processing/computer vision subject 3. I'm studying algorithms and data structures, and have the option to study maching learning or high performance computing. Any advice is appreciated.

    Subject combination 1

    Digital signal processing
    Applied math
    Subject combination 2

    Operating systems architecture
    Advanced mathematical control theory

    edit: I just realized I could take applied math, DSP, and image processing/computer vision and advanced control theory if I give up operating systems architecture. Is this a good idea? Do the subjects complement each other?
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    Subject combination 1 is more likely to be useful to you in general engineering practice. Operating systems architecture is so specialized only a few people profit from knowing it in detail.

    Applied math, DSP, and image processing complement each other very well, especially since image processing is a branch of DSP which is similar to a lot of discrete math (with different notation, sadly).
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