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Chartered Engineer (CEng) UK Assistance

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    I was conferred my Doctor of Engineering (EngD) in Nov. 2011. I am now planning to apply for Chartership in the UK; however I live in the U.S. and do not know any other CEng's in the UK to be my Proposer! Any advice?
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    If you live in the US why are you going for Chartered status with the UK Engineering Council?
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    My doctorate was from the UK. I still have amily there and I am applying for posts in the UK, EU and Arica.
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    Well the first step would be to register with the relevant professional body, IMechE or similar.
    You'll need to do a direct application, and decide if you have enough experience in all the competency areas in the UK-SPEC.

    Your best bet really is just contacting the Engineering Council, being overseas there may be some hoops to jump through.

    I don't see why you would go to all the trouble though, depending where you got them and what your degrees are, it may be tricky due to accreditation issues.
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    Should not be a problem, providing your experience and qualifications are up to scratch. Most of the relevant institutions have all the necessary information on their websites, and representatives to help with exactly this stuff. Have you looked or enquired?
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