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Cheap ml range liquid flow sensor

  1. Aug 18, 2009 #1

    I was wondering if anyone know any companies which sell directly these items because it seems many of the ones i am finding are for high end applications...

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Note: no liquids are corrosive and low viscosity etc generally just water will flow through it

    Please help

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    Lots of different kinds of flow meters what are you looking for and how much money do you want to spend?


    I have used meters from these people and was happy with them. I paid about $140 for a flow meter with max flow of 30ml/min. They can make them for even lower flow.

    We also had http://www.webersensorsinc.com/" [Broken] at max flow of 10ml/min but they cost ~$1200 each.
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    The flowmeter Integral is refering to is called a "rotameter". They're very cheap - I've seen them as low as ~$50. Try looking through http://www.mcmaster.com/#rotameters/=38ty37"as well.
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    thanks guys for the replies!
    i'm more after a in line sensor, something that can ideally join to clear vinal tubing and produces a output something like 0-5V

    any more ideas?
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    You are not going to find that cheap. Look at the Weber site. The meters I worked with had a 4-20ma output but could be ordered with 5V or 10V. You will need some knowledge of electronics to make it work.
  7. Oct 19, 2009 #6
    4-20 mA stuff really costs a lot as already pointed out. This is because 4-20mA is an industrial standard protocol, and the sensors are made to last.
    If you tell us more about your application it might help.
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