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Chemical and Bio-chemical Sensor

  1. Jul 28, 2006 #1
    I was trying to find some information regarding nanotube-embedded chemical and bio-chemical sensors and especially information comparing such sensors to classical capacitive sensors. For example, I need answers to such questions as how can capacitance be detected at the nanoscale? To what tolerance (or percent difference) would such a detector be able to detect the capacitance changes?
    I am studying MOS capacitors both that include nanotubes and ones that include metal plates. I am interested in any experimental or documented data available on this topic. Please send me references to papers or books or any other information. Papers are generally preferred. I am also interested in general information about traditional and nanotube capacitive chemical and bio-chemical sensors.
    I greatly appreciate your help in advance.
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    What sort of information have you already found?
    Have you tried a net search engine?
    I found several good hits on this one
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