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Chemicals in tigerbalm and pvc figures?

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    Hi, I'm new here :) I recently moved in with a new roommate who seems to use tigerbalm quite frequently he said its help elevate his allergy but I have some collections of both vintage and new star wars figures and miniatures I'm wondering whether vapour of chemical from Tigerbalm and or grease from his finger cause harm to my figures? (since he sometimes like to browse through my collection) will it effect the pvc itself or could it cause the paint to chipped or discolor the paint?
    Thanks I'm really concern but couldn't find much info over google
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    Here's some info on what's inside Tiger Balm:


    I think the camphor is the ingredient to look at. It was used in making celluloid products but that has been mostly replaced by other plastics.

    Here's some history of plasticizers and camphor:


    None of the reference I found say anything about its corrosive effects however some of our chemist mentors here can provide a more definitive answer.

    @Borek may be able to help here.

    However when in doubt, I'd protect your collection just in case.
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    Not much more than I can add. Definitely washing hands is something he shouldn't forget, but I doubt concentrations of volatiles in the air can be high enough to be dangerous.
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    thanks a lot everyone :) so all in all I shouldn't be too worry about this tigerbalm effecting my collection right? since I dont want to confront him about this if its not really harmful to my stuff since I think to him it would probably sound like I'm being nitpicking or something :S also according to wikipedia tigerbalm has these ingredients
    Menthol 10% 8% 11%
    Dementholised mint oil 6% 16% 6%
    Clove bud oil 5% 1.5% 2%
    Cassia oil 5% 3%
    Camphor 25% 25% 11%
    Cajuput oil
    methyl salicylate

    does any of these are known to cause harm to pvc ?
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