What is Pvc: Definition and 45 Discussions

Polyvinyl chloride (colloquial: polyvinyl, vinyl; abbreviated: PVC) is the world's third-most widely produced synthetic plastic polymer (after polyethylene and polypropylene). About 40 million tons of PVC are produced each year.
PVC comes in two basic forms: rigid (sometimes abbreviated as RPVC) and flexible. The rigid form of PVC is used in construction for pipe and in profile applications such as doors and windows. It is also used in making bottles, non-food packaging, food-covering sheets, and cards (such as bank or membership cards). It can be made softer and more flexible by the addition of plasticizers, the most widely used being phthalates. In this form, it is also used in plumbing, electrical cable insulation, imitation leather, flooring, signage, phonograph records, inflatable products, and many applications where it replaces rubber. With cotton or linen, it is used in the production of canvas.
Pure polyvinyl chloride is a white, brittle solid. It is insoluble in alcohol but slightly soluble in tetrahydrofuran.

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  1. Cmotaval

    Pressure of water exiting a hole in PVC

    I have a 1" PVC pipe that is 36" long, closed on one end and hooked up to a pump on the other. The pipe has 10 holes each measuring 1/32" in diameter and I have been trying to use Bernoullis equation to find the pressure of the water exiting those holes. I believe the volume of water that will...
  2. JosephStevens99

    How do I Calculate the Spring Constant of a Piece of PVC pipe?

    Okay so, recently I got a job with my local newspaper delivering newspapers to make some money while deciding how I want to continue my educational career (I already have some college under my belt but I'm taking a semester off). All the newspapers have to be at the houses by 6 am so in order to...
  3. saxman2u

    How to calculate TDH of PVC downspouts and water tank height?

    Greetings, Looking for the best way to calculate TDH for some rainwater catchment systems I am designing in Texas. Some homes we are installing these systems on have large footprints, between 6,000 to 8,000 sq feet. The large rainwater collection tanks we install range between 30,000 and...
  4. S

    Plumbing How do PVC sewer lines get sloped using 90 degree fittings?

    Diagrams of PVC sewer plumbing show vertical pipes connected to horizontal pipes with fittings that make a 90 degree turn. So how, in practice, do we achieve the recommended minimum 1/4 inch per foot slope for the horizontal pipes? Do we make the horizontal pipe slope by installing the...
  5. T

    Why can an electron go through PVC insulator

    I connected a PVC insulated alligator clip test lead to a 12V (give 20V) DC power supply positive terminal and a multimeter. After that I connected an other one to the multimeter ground, and a third one to the power supply negative terminal. I turned the multimeter to DC V measure mode. When I...
  6. mkematt96

    Linear Abrasion Testing PVC/Polymer Blend Hoses

    Working on a research project to develop a test standard for abrasion testing pressure washer hoses. Ideally this could be used on any sort of hose. We have a set procedure that has worked on a couple hoses that looks like this: .Weight applied is constant .Cycle speed is constant .Constant...
  7. Oscar Gonzalez

    How to calculate flow loss between 90 and 45 degree fittings

    Hi everyone. Let me give a little bit of background on the problem I need help understanding. I want to plumb an aquarium that has a sump and move the water from the sump to the main aquarium using a pump and 1" PVC pipe. The total system pipe length is going to be roughly 10 feet total with...
  8. F

    PVC vs Copper Pipe Thermal Conductivity

    Question#1 I would like to compare a 100' length of 4" PVC pipe with air in it surrounded by Earth and/or water. What length of 4" copper pipe would equal a 100' length of PVC? Question#2 If the inside of the pipe had turbulence what length of non-turbulent 100' PVC 4" pipe would it equal? I...
  9. A

    Which is better for structural support PVC pipe or plywood?

    I'm building a structure that will weigh approximately 200lbs (100kg) but that is only for the shell of the structure. So to support it I want something strong with as little deflection as possible as well as being as light weight as possible and I've narrowed down my options to PVC piping or...
  10. N

    Is PVC Safe? What's So Bad About Vinyl Plastic (PVC)?

    Now days PVC is widely used polymer in many industries such like real estate, pharmaceutical, plastic and rubber etc. My concern is Is PVC Safe for Environment? Can anybody tell me the cons of using PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)? Thanks for Advance!
  11. N

    Bullet camera in PVC pipe condensation problems -- Help please

    I had to installed some IP bullet cameras in some PVC pipe on a Hopper dredge to protect it from the salt water spray. They are outdoor cameras but they are made out of aluminum and they will rust if left unprotected. I sealed them in the pvc and used a cgb from the wire as well as sealant on...
  12. T

    Can I elevate a bed by 4 inches with PVC and sleep on it?

    Hi everyone, it's my first post! I need to elevate a bed by 4 inches for a while. I did some work on this problem already. Here's all the information I used to reach my conclusion: expected total weight with mattress and occupants = 220.92200 kilograms bed weight = 54 kg = 54,000 grams =...
  13. S

    Can a 300W fog machine create a smoke curtain 5 meters high?

    Hi guys, I'm a student and I'm new to this forum. Currently me and my friends are having a small project for the upcoming stage performance at school. We are trying to build a smoke curtain. The system will have a fog machine with 300W power and some PVC pipes that lead vertically to 5 meters in...
  14. N

    Chemicals in tigerbalm and pvc figures?

    Hi, I'm new here :) I recently moved in with a new roommate who seems to use tigerbalm quite frequently he said its help elevate his allergy but I have some collections of both vintage and new star wars figures and miniatures I'm wondering whether vapour of chemical from Tigerbalm and or grease...
  15. M

    Can i paint PVC Nitrile rubber? with plasti-dip? toxic?

    Here's what I'm trying to paint: http://www.forcefieldbodyarmour.com/product/net-upgrade-armour-flat/2418 I'm trying to paint this black. Can i paint these yellow pads with some sort of non toxic spray paint? Or what about plastidip (which i think is nontoxic). I was even thinking of using a...
  16. J

    Creating an Archimedes Pump with PVC and 6 Inch Drainage Pipe

    Hello; I have been toying with the idea of creating an Archimedes pump using PVC and 6 inch drainage pipe. The idea is that by using tubing coiled around a PVC core, and rotating it using torque on PVC collars, as long as the pump is angled correctly, and friction is sufficiently low (the...
  17. S

    What is the air pressure in a PVC pipe with weight on top?

    Consider the following: I have 2 PVC pipes, one is small enough to fit into the other with a little extra space. A rubber ring is placed around the smaller one to fill up the empty space, making a good seal to push air in and out of the larger one. Ignore any friction caused by the ring on...
  18. M

    Inexpensive Electronic Instantaneous PVC Piping Air Valve

    My boss has a boat load of extra PVC piping laying around the shop and I wanted to use it to make a pipe organ. I need a way to electronically open and close the connections from each individual pipe to the main air supply. I'm on a tight budget and I'll need to make 88 valves in total. I have...
  19. S

    Grounding PVC Piping: Advice for Flammable Gas Transfer

    I am looking to use a PVC pump to push a flammable, explosive gas of minimal gage pressure (3 mbar) between two rooms. I chose PVC because it is non sparking, but I am concerned about static electricity build up. The pump will be used for 10 minutes at a time in a portable application, I am...
  20. S

    Spring constant of a bent pvc pipe

    I am calculating the initial velocity of a released pvc pipe after it has been bent. I would like to know if i have this correct. Potential energy = Kmgh; I have my mg and it is 50N, so PE = k*50*h; I have been told that k is the spring constant of my bent pvc pipe. Therefore since I have...
  21. jim hardy

    Solving the Mystery of PVC Wire Insulation Corrosion

    Over about the last decade I have encountered with increasing frequency a black corrosion on the strands of copper wire. When you strip the wire it'll be jet black instead of old copper brown. It cannot be soldered. It is a real nuisance when trying to repair something like an automobile...
  22. U

    UV Degradation of PVC: Solutions for Safe Use in Rainwater Systems

    Hi everybody, I'm involved with a project that wants to use PVC pipes as gutters for a rainwater harvesting system. The water is intended for human consumption (after it passes through clay filters to take care of biological contaminants). I've been looking at PVC degradation under UV and...
  23. M

    Comparison vibration level of nylon and pvc pipe

    Homework Statement comparison nylon and pvc pipe which one vibration level is higher ? depend on which material properties ? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  24. M

    Comparing Vibration Levels of PVC & Nylon Pipes

    Homework Statement i want to check out which material of pipe vibration level higher . comparison between pvc pipe and nylon pipe. nylon pipe is more soft and flexible than pvc pipe. which one vibration more ? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  25. M

    Measuring water pressure differential in a pvc pipe

    I'm having problems with our pressure measurements on a pretty basic PVC water flow system. I drew up the general design in paint and attached it so you can have a visual of what I'm talking about. The second attachment is a picture of the actual pipe design. We're controlling the flow rate...
  26. G

    Build PVC Pneumatic Cylinder for Robotics Competition

    I am in a robotics competition where we can only use certain parts. My team built a scissor lift, and we are currently looking for a better way to lift it. It takes upwards of 100 pounds of force to lift, and when it's down its base is about 3" by 10". I want to build a pneumatic cylinder...
  27. B

    Structural Connection Design (Metal to PVC)

    Hey All, I am familiar with some of the practices of bolted connections between steel plates, or steel beams etc. I am currently facing a design problem at work dealing with a composite metal panel being screwed to a hallow PVC beam. The PVC beam is screwed into a hallow aluminum beam...
  28. I

    Building an Open Pipe Organ with PVC: A DIY Guide for Beginners

    PVC Open Pipe Organ...Help! Homework Statement Urgent As part of an assignment, I need to create an open pipe organ that plays two different octaves. I don't know anything about octaves or music, but Google defines octave as : A series of eight notes occupying the interval between...
  29. S

    Which PVC to choose for polymer nanocomposite?

    Which PVC to choose for polymer nanocomposite? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m a final year Mehcanical engineering student. For my individual project, I have to fabricate PVC based nanocomposite using nanosilica. I haven’t been provided...
  30. J

    PVC (PolyVynyl Chloride) testing ?

    Is there any way to test things to see if those things are made of PVC? It's toxic, but if you have things that you are unsure as to what kind of plastic they are made of you would want to know if they are made of PVC. By the way, if you have flip flop shoes, throw them out because almost 100%...
  31. R

    Calculating Pressure in a PVC Balloon-Like Object

    Hypothetical question to help me in design: A PVC air tight balloon like object is used to suspend a weight just above the ground. It can be thought of as being very similar to a car tyre's function. The weight is known, the part of the balloons area in contact with the ground is known...
  32. M

    PVC End Plug and Tube shape retention under heat and force?

    PVC End Plug and Tube shape retention under heat and force?? Hi, I'm Mai from one of the semiconductor company. I'm in charge in supplier quality enginnering. I have an issue happened in my customer side where, whenever they received the unit from us the unit will spill out from the packing...
  33. J

    Axial load strength of PVC pipe

    Hello, I design high powered rockets in our Tripoli rocket club. A particular plastic type of tube used is the Quantum 3.9 in dia plastic (sewer pipe) it is a thin wall design. http://www.publicmissiles.com/ They state that this basic tube is good for just .86 mach for compression loads...
  34. S

    How to dissolve PVC thermoplastic

    How would i dissolve the pvc thermoplastic on electrical wires? (with chemicals that are attainable easily from stores)
  35. D

    Can PVC Pipe Be Used as a Structural Material for Eco-Friendly Homes?

    I have an "odd" use for pvc pipe. My house is made exclusively of styrofoam and plastic. (and a geodome to boot) I need to stick with this as any other material that was used has failed miserably (wood and steel mainly) my question is, how much weight can a 10' piece of 3" schedule 40...
  36. S

    Which one would work better for me: PVC or Aluminum?

    Trying to pick a product for my project and would like to get some opinions from the knowledgeable people in the forum. let's say I am using 2 pipes, one made from PVC and the other from Aluminum to lift an object of x kilos. Both pipes are of the same lenght, size, and thickness. Which...
  37. R

    Determing GPM through PVC pipe (Gravity Drains)

    Does anyone know the equation to find the flow rate, in GPM, of water through a vertical pvc pipe? No pump, just gravity.
  38. M

    Which Plastic for Slide Charts? PVC, PEC or ??

    PVC, PEC or ?? I am looking for some help in determining the appropriate type of plastic for my application. I am in the process of having a slide chart manufactured out of plastic. It was recommended that I use 0.024 inch thick clear PVC. The samples produced with the PVC were fine with...
  39. Ivan Seeking

    Ultra-Blue PVC Pipe: Molecular Oriented for Improved Strength & Design

    http://www.jmeagle.com/plastic-pipe/pvc-pipe/ultra%20blue.html This is a product that I helped to develop. :approve: The expansion process is terribly tricky but we finally nailed it! It always gives me a thrill to see these things hit the market.
  40. L

    Protonation of Halogens in PVC

    Is it possible that PVC may have a weakness to Bronsted-Lowry acids as compared to other plastics, because of the ability of these acids to protonate the chlorine (because of chlorine's non-bonding electrons), therefore leading to bonding instability and vulnerability to attacks by water? Or is...
  41. A

    Is 1000 m/s² a Realistic Acceleration for a Potato in a PVC Cannon?

    Okay. we were given a problem in Physics class regarding a PVC pipe, a potato and a piece of dowling(wood) we were instructed to stick both ends of the pipe into the potato and then (once we had a good plug in either end) push one plug towards the other through the pipe with the piece of...
  42. M

    Will PVC be suitable for this design?

    I am designing a hail gun for my senior design project. I am needing about 70 psi of pressure for my maximum pressure. I am going to use various diameters of Schedule 40 PVC. The max pressure rating for this diameter is 220 psi at 73 degrees F. However this is for water. I've seen articles...
  43. M

    Securing PVC Pipe Cap: A Challenge

    I am building this project which involved to PVC pipe chambers to be semi-pressurized (I know PVC isn’t intended for pressure, but I am not talking 200 psi, 40 to 60 psi theoretical MAX, usually around 5 to 10 psi). I have a pretty good depiction of the set up made in ASCII art, but I...
  44. cronxeh

    Drag coefficient PVC over water

    Hello. I'm looking for a drag coefficient of a high molecular PVC material over sea water (fresh or ocean water) I'm designing an electric outboard motor for an inflatable boat I got and was wondering how much ft-lb thrust I would need to go certain speed (~5-10 mph), considering weight (~530...
  45. M

    DIY: Adding a Valve to PVC Tube for Bicycle Pump

    I'd like to put a valve (like the ones on tire tubes) that will connect to a bicycle pump onto a PVC tube (on the side, or at the end). Anyone know how I can do this? What fittings will I need? Thanks.