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Homework Help: Chemistry- electronegativity and bonding

  1. Mar 19, 2009 #1
    the temperature for the following to reach a pressure of 100mmHg is as follows(celcius))

    HI -> -72.1
    HCl -> -114
    HBr -> -97.7
    HF -> -28.2

    how can this be? since they are all combinations of H and an element of the last column before the noble gas surely the smaller the size of the molecule, the higher the temperature will be? since they are all a combination of H and an atom whose radius goes R=(F<Cl<Br<I) so the electronegativity goes (F>Cl>Br>I). surely the temp should go with the electronegativity??
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    It might be a combination of electronegativity, mass, hydrogen bonding, size, etc....
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