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Chemistry in the Real World - Super Quick Question on chemistry/pools

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    I have to write a little report on an industry that uses a chemical reaction(s) and basically answer these questions (skip down to the bottom if you just want to see my quick question):


    1. Identify chemical reactions upon which the industry relies.

    2.Write the chemical equation (balanced) for each reaction and translate the equation into words. The ChemExper Chemicals Directory web site can be used to identify compounds with which students are unfamiliar.

    3.If possible, identify the class of reaction into which each process would be categorized.

    4.Obtain images of molecular models for reactant and product species, if available. *Contact your instructor for help with this part if you need it. *

    5.Determine the role that each reaction plays in the industry.

    6.How are the products of the reaction used by the industry?

    7.What benefits does the process bring to the industry or to the larger society?

    8.Obtain industry statistics regarding the annual consumption or production of the reaction species.

    9.Has the industry made any recent advances that have chemical foundations?

    10.Are there environmental concerns that arise as a result of the chemical processes?

    11. Detail the nature of any environmental problems associated with the chemical processes.

    12. What solutions and precautions are in place to prevent environmental accidents?


    So I was thinking I would do it on pool chemicals. I know a "poolman" who could help me out with some of the questions that relate to the benefits and all that, but he hasn't been able to help me out with the actual reaction product. So my question is, is there a chemical reaction that produces a chemical/product that is used in swimming pools? I found Chlorine dioxide (ClO2), but that is used to purify drinking water, so I can't use that.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated and any tips for the questions (if you read them), I would so appreciate too. I really need to finish this by the weekend (or else:surprised) so I'm trying to work on a little bit each night, but if I don't figure out the chemical/product I want to use then I can't even get started.

    OR - If you have a better industry/chemical reaction to suggest, please mention that too. Chemistry is not my thing so I really just want to get this done in the quickest way possible so I can move on to my advanced biology classes next year. Thank you so much!

    Sorry, I guess I'm long winded. :blushing:
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    You may want to brainstorm this with AngelShare. She is working on the same type of assignment.. AngelShare's post
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