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Homework Help: Chemistry pH problem help NaOH and HCl

  1. Feb 9, 2009 #1
    Chemistry pH problem help plz NaOH and HCl

    Calculate the pH after the following total volumes of .32M HCl have been added to 25 mL of 0.16M NaOH
    a. 0 mL c. 12.4 mL e. 12.6 mL
    b. 1 mL d. 12.5 mL f. 15.0 mL

    A. i have answered correctly but i cant seem to get the right answer for any of the others i tried putting them in mmol but it never seems to work if someone could just tell me how to do b through f i would be very pleased thank you.
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    Re: Chemistry pH problem help plz NaOH and HCl

    The exercise is a neutralization reaction. Determine which moles of NaOH or HCl is in excess. That would be the one which affects the pH. A relationship which is helpful is 14 = pH + pOH
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