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Courses Choice of course Phys-Math (McGill)

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    Hi, I'm going into the Joint Honours Program in Mathematics and Physics @ McGill next session... I'm seeking for help on what course to take... (also how to take them...using minerva???) I'm new to all that university stuff... not too shure how it works.... here is the list of class: http://www.physics.mcgill.ca/ugrads/math.html" [Broken] ... what should I take first? I want to go in theoretical physics...

    Thanks in advance
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    you dont really have any choices to make until your 3rd year...
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    I did my undergrad, and master at McGill but in microbio. I'll try to guide as best as I can.

    First, you should have been assign an academic advisor. Seek help from him if you have any question.

    Are you coming from the CEGEP system or are from outside the province of Quebec.

    People that come from the CEGEP system do a 3 year program. People outside the province do a a freshman year program before the 3 year program.

    From the website, the course you have to select is straight foward. At McGill, a normal semester load is 15 credits and which equals to 5 3-credit courses. The U1 list is for people coming from the CEGEP system. there 9 course that are required so have to register to these course in your first year. the 10th course you choose between linear algebra or algebra 2.

    check the calendar for more information on the couse and the pre-req. in the calendar

    You should also check the course schedule for each semester so you can make your schedule without any conflict

    Minerva is a fairly easy system to use. Mcgill has a tutorial for it on its webpage

    Hope this help.
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