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Choose the best answer on Magnetic Fields and Moving charges

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    1)A wire is carrying a current, i, in the positive y-direction. The wire is located in a uniform magnetic field, B, oriented in such a way that the magnetic force on the wire is maximized. The magnetic force acting on the wire, FB, is in the negative x direction. What is the direction of the magnetic field?
    a) positive x-direction
    b)negative x-direction
    c)negative y-direction
    d) positive z-direction
    e) negative z-direction

    I'm not really sure how the right hand rule 3 works for this but I just put my thumb in the direction of i and my fingers were curving downwards, so I pick e) but I'm not sure.

    2. Two solenoids have the same length, but solenoid 1 has 15 times the number of turn, 1/9 the radius and 7 times the current of solednoid 2. Calculate the ratio of the magnetic field inside solenoid 1 to the magnetic field inside solenoid 2.
    a) 105
    b) 123
    c) 144
    d) 168
    e) 197

    I'm really not sure how to do this, I started by just plugging random numbers in for the equation B=(mu_naught*i)/(2pi*r)
    I just plugged 2 for N, 3 for r, and 5 for i, and calculated the magnetic field for both and divided B of s2 by B of s1 and got 1.05E-3, I thought that that was right since I looked on the back of the book and the answer is in fact a) but I later noticed that I was using the equation for a toroid not a solenoid, since radius doesn't even affect the B of solenoids. I did the same thing with the equation B=(mu_naught*i)*(N/L) and (with L=15) got a number that wasn't on the choices, so I really dont know how to do this. Help please.
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